Mention New York City and you can’t help but think of the epitome of what is hot, happening and stylish! New York is the cultural center for fashion, food, art, music and street culture. Now, FlowerSchool is making New York City the worlds center for floristry! The floral industry in New York, is fast paced, innovative and very expansive incorporating event florists, editorial florists, corporate florists, celebrity florists, restaurant florists and florists specializing in gifts. The flower culture IS the thriving part of the creative and cultural scenes happening right now.

Which is why we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce our latest partnership for a very special four-day floristry program with FlowerSchool, New York City’s most prestigious center of the floral arts and education. Their mission is to celebrate great floral design and designers, educate florists on sustainable practices and time honored business practices and to help people live a richer life through this craft.

Known for their world class Master Class programs that see collaborations with the highest profile Floral Designers in the world. The FlowerSchool Curriculum has extensive programs for flower lovers that focuses workflow, sustainability, project management, art and management which is the foundation for succeeding in the floral design industry. that have been selected because of their extraordinary achievement in floral design and recognition in the floral community.




Coming to present the program at Pearsons School of Floristry is Executive Director of FlowerSchool New York Calvert Crary. Previously an award winning photographer Calvert made the transition to floral entrepreneur, having opened and successfully run three flower shops in New York City. Calvert has trained and coached many students to open shops and reorganize existing floral businesses into thriving careers.




We can’t wait for this exciting collaboration and just know that it is going to be sensational. Topics covered will include: choosing and working well with different stem types, garden style table centers, Dutch style hand tied bouquets, lush and romantic footed bowls and as well as large scale work and much more about the New York flower scene all while being 100% sustainable with the use of no floral foam!

This program is perfect for florists and enthusiasts who want to learn the practices of New York most prestigious floral designers. Space is limited so please be sure to book in early and be prepared for a wonderfully designed program.


BOOKINGS OPEN: April 17, 2019

For more details visit our bookings page here