Having worked in the floristry industry for the past 3 years and graduating with Pearsons School in 2017, Khat Reid has gone from strength to strength with her knowledge and design skills and we are proud to see it show so well through her floral work with a natural creative flair. Khat has worked for the likes of Wild Lotus, Emporio home and Flowers and now Mandalay Flowers as well as running her own business Bespoke Flora on the side. Here is her story...

Florist: Kathryn (Khat) Reid

Employed with: Mandalay Flowers and business owner of Bespoke Flora


What initially attracted you to become a florist?

I felt that working with Flowers gave me the opportunity to make something every day. I had worked in corporate businesses and the arts for years before hand but nothing was as creative on a practical level, as working with Flowers every day.

What made you take the leap to study the Certificate III at Pearsons?

I was working in a florist as a junior just to be around flowers and I wanted to be more knowledgeable and have a repertoire of skills to draw on. I wanted to make sure I was doing each bloom, justice.

Looking at the Pearsons program in particular it offered flexibility and it made sense to learn from a family who were able to have such long standing success within the industry.

You are currently working for Mandalay Flowers in Double Bay doing some amazing work! How are you finding working in a shop environment?

Mandalay Flowers has taught me so much in such a short time. The owners and head florist have a wealth of knowledge and insist on a high level of product quality which I really respect.

Working in a shop environment is great because you are bouncing ideas with a team and get the immediate satisfaction of seeing a customer in delight as you create something beautiful for them. It can be challenging to work in an environment with high standards but I enjoy the pace and pressure.

Khat Reid

What has the last year in the industry been like for you?

Fabulous and an emotional roller coaster. Everyday has a new challenge but I would always prefer the challenges to monotony.

What is it about the floristry industry that you love?

I love that you are working amongst people who see value in nature and beauty. I also love that you are constantly moving physically and not spending all day sitting at a desk. I think these aspects have an impact on physical and mental health that I didn’t expect but for which I am so grateful.

What do you find inspires you and your creations?

I am inspired by the growth of the individual blooms- as a learn more about their growth process and how to take the best care of conditioning blooms and it makes me really appreciate the time it takes for some flowers to grow. I feel it’s my responsibility to give them their moment where they can ‘sing on stage’ and arrange them with intention so all that life and growth isn’t wasted.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to study floristry?

Be prepared to work hard. From the beginning to the end it never becomes a light and easy job- whether it’s getting up early, lifting and scrubbing buckets or struggling to communicate clearly with a customer and manage their expectations, there are going to be elements to the industry that go beyond the beauty but if you can nail or work through them then this industry is so rewarding. Also try and learn from everyone you can! You can never know too much.

What’s next for Khat in the floristry industry?

I am about to do a large scale installation workshop with Matthew Landers! He is a Perth based florist that has just come back from Chelsea flower show where he won 2nd place so I can’t wait to learn from him- he is also a hoot-and-a-half!

Khat Reid

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