Family circumstances have meant that this amazing florist needs to sell urgently.


What are you buying?

Fully fitted out, successful florist shop. Includes benches, cash register, fixtures and fittings, 4 Door Fridge, vases, ribbons, wrapping, candles, custom back wall interior. VALUE $25K

Florist is located 2 mins from Central station. Perfect location for deliveries.


Fully functional website which is listed as TOP in a google search of florist surry hills. Value $10K.

Six months lease with option to extend for another 3 or 5 years. THIS IS A NO RISK option for you. A florist has been in this position for 8 years.

WHAT'S THE CATCH? There is no catch. But the sale needs to happen in the next 2 weeks due to a very urgent family situation. All market contacts and delivery options provided for those new to the industry.


If interested please contact Lauren: 0403 746 652