With a fabulous eye for detail and thinking outside the square, Tegan O’Brien from ‘The Lillipillian’ lets us in to her floristry world. Her background in jewellery design and fine arts ensures her editorial creations are truly statement pieces. She has worked on some amazing shoots where her work is a stand out. We had the absolute pleasure speaking with her about what made her become a florist and study at Pearsons School of Floristry.

Florist: Tegan O’Brien

Company: The Lillipillian


What were you doing before Floristry?

I have a background in Fine and Visual Arts. I first studied a diploma of Fine Arts at TAFE followed by a Bachelor of Visual Arts (majoring in jewellery and Object design). Since then I have run my own contemporary jewellery business and for a short time I ran a contemporary art space supporting local artists.

Why did you want to change to floristry, what attracted you?

In 2012 I got married and did my own flowers. I loved going to the markets and seeing all the different varieties available. For me it was about the colour and textures. After the realisation that making a living from contemporary jewellery was very difficult, I decided that I would love a job that was both creative and could give me a stable income. At this point retail floristry has provided the stable income whilst I build up my own freelance business.

What made you take the leap?

I had a lightbulb moment one day and I decided I wanted to become a florist. A couple of years ago I was sitting in Newtown having coffee with a friend of mine. I had just closed up my art space and was trying to decide what I wanted to do next. There was an empty shop space next to the café and I was talking to my friend about how perfect the space would be for a florist. This got me to thinking about how much I would love to be a florist. I got on the Internet that afternoon, saw that Pearsons was having an information night that next night. My husband and I went along to that and I signed up on the spot. Best decision ever!

What did you love about Pearsons?

I loved the people and the fact that we got to work closely with industry professionals. I also appreciated that we had all our flowers provided for us, it saved us from many very early mornings. Wiring was and still is my favourite subject. I love creating intricate works with my hands and whilst this may be very time consuming, I really loved learning it.

What has the past year been like working in the industry?

I started my course at Pearsons in 2013 and was very slow to get my assignments handed in to complete my certificate, which is why I only qualified a year ago! I have worked as a retail florist since I started studying and love it, but my passion is to work as a freelancer and focus on weddings, events and creative work for photo shoots and editorials. As well as working fulltime for Floral Expressions in Northmead (up until my maternity leave this year) I have been lucky enough to be commissioned to do a number of weddings as well as some collaborative photo shoots featuring my wearable floral creations. The past year has been busy, both with the floristry work, building my own business and with the birth of my first baby-girl Rua.

Tegan Lillipillian


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