Abby Saboune from ‘Stems by Abby’ designs weddings and events many girls would dream of. She works with some of the most grand and glamourous wedding suppliers across Sydney and her work has been featured in numerous wedding magazines, not to mention a following of over 26k Instagram followers!

We had the absolute pleasure speaking with her about her successful career beyond studying at Pearsons School of Floristry and what she is up to today out in the industry.

Florist: Abby Saboune

Company: Stems by Abby

What did you do before studying at Pearsons School of Floristry?

I had my first son and was studying Law part time at University.

Why did you want to change to floristry, what attracted you?

I always knew I was the creative type. Floristry allowed me to express my passion and creativity, I also could balance a career and family life.

What made you take the leap?

I wanted to see if I really wanted to be a florist, so I walked into the local florist one day and ask if they would take me on board. I was working for free for a year and I still absolutely loved it! I did that while having two more children and then decided to study to become a florist. I looked around at other course providers and there was no question, Pearsons was the right option for me.

What did you love about the Course?

Having the flowers ready for me was a major plus – the convenience was amazing. It is daunting to go shop for your own flowers at the markets, not to mention the time you have to get up. I like that everyone has the same flowers – everyone is equal, no one has better flowers and that meant it was a supportive environment, not competitive. I have learnt so much through Pearsons. The technical side of things, I remember learning wrist corsages and I thought they were daggy, now I make them all the time! We made arrangements and pulled them apart and remade them to consistently get better.

What was the atmosphere in the class like?

The Atmosphere was relaxed and we (my class) all became great friends. My favourite day of the week was being at school and getting to work with amazing quality flowers.

What did you do after you finished at Pearsons School of Floristry?

After the Certificate III course, I started up my own business (before social media), I freelanced out of the garage. It was called Wedding Flowers Only. I did that for 2 years and it was word of mouth. Given it was before social media I printed off flyers and put a package deal together. I left my details at wedding receptions to get my brand out there.

What do you think the turning point of your business was?

Social media has been amazing for my business. It has become a massive influence for the wedding industry. I did a small photoshoot and we landed a ‘Modern Wedding’ magazine Cover. That was huge for me and the business.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to do the course?

I didn’t realise there were assignments. All are useful in helping build your knowledge as there is so much to learn. It is important to understand there is some study involved. Planning your time is key.

What advice would you give someone wanting to become a florist?

People should know that there is stress involved and long hours… When you are passionate though I think it is completely worth it!

To get in contact with Abby:

Instagram: @stemsbyabby


M: 0405 158 100

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