Graduating from Certificate III with Pearsons School earlier this year, Christine Ngai knew she was on to a good thing with her blooming events business ‘Events Florist’. Just as the name implies Christine’s business focuses on event based floristry from weddings, corporate events to christenings and everything in between! Growing from strength to strength we look forward to seeing where the future takes her. Here is her story below:

Company: Events Florist

Florist: Christine Ngai

What initially attracted you to floristry?

Being a pharmacist was professionally satisfying, but I was never content. I learned an enormous amount during that time though: the communication, delegation, inventory, competition and management - the package excited me. But I love flowers - albeit my allergies to them, this is what I'm genuinely interested in. I feel fulfilled creatively and that's reflected in the way I conduct myself, the way I roam the market professionally yet moonlight in my pharmacy.

What were you doing with your time before studying floristry and starting your business ‘Event’s Florist’?

Life before floristry saw me in a strictly left-brained profession - in a chaotic pharmacy servicing approx. 5000 of Sydney's aged care residents. Quite different to my world of events.

How did your business ‘Events florist’ all begin?

When I initially started up the business, I didn't put too much pressure on myself. I knew people had preconceptions. I was that pharmacist that roamed Sydney Flower Markets in a sports car - and no one was more aware of that than me. However I didn't go into this to prove to anyone other than myself. I was focused. Goal orientated. I didn't try to do everything at once. I just needed to perfect my professional relations with the growers and together we worked on the rest. I didn't want to run before I could walk.

What is your proudest moment since starting the business?

I've had my share of moments in the industry that I'm proud of. My little milestones, little hops, bigger leaps. However my proudest moments as a florist are seeing beautiful women walk down the aisle holding my flowers, it makes it real.

What did you love about studying the ‘SFL30115 Certificate III in Floristry’ with Pearsons School?

Pearson's School of Floristry catered to everyone. The School was the perfect one stop shop for my floral foundations. They ticked all my boxes - 1. Saturday classes 2. Flowers are provided (Big Tick!) 3. Central location 4. Great coffee close by 5. Plenty of lunch options. What more could I ask for? I'd say I was one of the lucky ones - I had 3 different trainers for 3 different clusters, which meant 3 different groups of flower buddies to mingle AND 3 lots of tricks & tips from all 3 very experienced florists.

Why would you suggest floristry as a career for budding floral enthusiasts?

"Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it" - Katherine Whitehorn.

Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities. Now if you are passionate about flowers, make it a job and let it fulfill you! Put yourself out there, get as much experience as you can. Be passionate and be willing to work hard. You'll pick up how to work smart with experience.

Who do you look to for inspiration in the industry?

JF Floral Couture - I follow one of Hong Kong's most creative florist. It's not about reinventing their style but loving an element of design so much as to incorporate it into my own style and watching that evolve.

What does the future hold for you and your business?

Wherever the wind takes us. So many people have put in alot of time, effort and energy away from their loved ones to help me build my business. So I'm nervous. There's also that element of excitement as well, and adrenaline.

Christine Ngai


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