Flower of the Season: Cymbidium Orchid

It’s the florist’s must-have flower in winter. Perfectly suited to cooler weather, cut stems can last well over a month in the right conditions. Originally hybridised from wild varieties from the mountain regions of India and South East Asia it has been enjoyed by the western world for over 100 years.

Cymbidium orchids are available in a wide range of colours from earthy browns and burgundies, fresh green to golden hues and all the shades of pink. They are a stunning addition to almost any arrangement and can be mixed with most flowers but look most elegant on their own with twigs and foliage.

Durability or vase life or lifespan: 2-4 weeks if kept well hydrated.

Suitability: Arranged singly or on the flowering spike, in a vast array of small and large arrangements. Glass vases are most suited as it is easy to view the water level and top us as required. Individual blooms may be wired for wedding bouquets and accessories, on their own or mixed with traditional and wildflowers, in modern, traditional and contemporary designs. Ideal for corporate arrangements as vase life is very good.

Cymbidium Orchids