ANZAC day is celebrated in Australia and New Zealand annually on April 25th. It is a day to remember all Australians who have taken part in war, conflicts and peace-keeping operations around the world. On ANZAC Day ceremonies are held in cities and towns across Australia to acknowledge the service of our veterans.

Traditionally, commemorative ceremonies including a laying of wreaths. Wreaths can be all green, usually a laurel wreath and may include a small spray of flowers. Alternatively wreaths can be made entirely from flowers. The colours may represent a corporation,club, group or even a country. Wreaths can have a ribbon placed across them.

Flowers have traditionally been laid on graves and memorials in memory of the dead. Rosemary, symbolising remembrance, is popular on Anzac Day. Laurel is also a commemorative symbol; woven into a wreath, it was used by the ancient Romans to crown victors and the brave as a mark of honour. In recent years, the poppy, strongly associated with Remembrance Day (11 November), has also become popular in wreaths on Anzac Day.