What did you do before starting at Pearsons School of Floristry?
I worked for British Airways as cabin crew. I often thought that I’d like to be a florist but never did anything about it. When I moved to Australia I worked in a few different jobs but nothing seemed right. That’s when floristry became a serious option.

Why did you choose us?
Being from London, I wasn’t familiar with any florists (or floristry schools) in Sydney. I kept seeing the Pearsons name all over town so I gave them a call. When I found out that you could fast track the program… I was sold. I enrolled and started almost immediately.

What do you love about flowers?
What’s not to love! They’re just so beautiful and their diversity blows my mind!

Who or what inspires you?
Being English I can't help loving the English country garden style and find it comes through in most of my work. I love creating loose and very natural, organic arrangements with an edge.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to do the course?
Definitely do it! Without a doubt. No questions asked. I sometimes find it hard to believe that I am actually a florist. I started the program in March and finished (AND had a job) by September. It is amazing! I am on a totally new (and creatively wonderful) path.

What’s next for Matt Hayler?
I work with the team at Lotus Botanica. It is great! For me, I just want to keep learning and developing my skills. I am currently working on starting my own floral styling business called Savage Daisy. Styling events and weddings and supplying arrangements to corporate clients.