The poppy bearing large satiny flowers makes one of the loveliest cut flowers, unravelling from tight buds and lasting surprisingly well in a vase. The bowl-shaped flowers feature in a wide range of pastel shades and bicolours, with especially large blooms. Best bought when the hooded calyx has just split to reveal the colour of the petals inside.

Available through late winter and spring, Poppies looks fabulous grouped in simple arrangements or mixed in for fun spring posies.

Poppies in history:

After WWII, Poppies became the symbol of both tragedy and renewal of life. The Flanders’ red Poppy has special significance for Australians.

Worn on Remembrance Day (11 November) each year, the red poppies (Papaver rhoeas) were among the first to flower in the devastated battlefields of northern France and Belgium in the First World War. In soldiers’ folklore, the vivid red of the poppy came from the blood of their comrades soaking the ground.