Peony Peony .... it's Peony season

One of the great joys of being a florist is experiencing the changing seasons first hand. You get to meet a bloom that you haven't seen for nearly a year .... and when you do, it's so exciting! 
Peonies begin as tightly wound buds not dissimilar to those macaroons you’ve been eyeing in the window display at that gorgeous French patisserie. Give them a few days and you’ll see your Peonies flesh out and flash their frills, ruffle those feathery petals like the tulle under a full bodied soiree skirt on the first warm day of spring.
Imagine the joy at Pearsons when it's Peony Time. The natural season of Australia's locally grown peonies is from late October through November ... and then poof, they are gone. 
Nothing shouts SPRING IS HERE louder than the arrival of the blousiest of blushing blooms, back by popular demand after some winter hibernation (hello beauty sleep) … It’s the multi-petaled Peony! 
Dazzling Spring picnic-goers in stunning shades of coral, champagne, palest pink, white (and more!) they are a floral feature in so many of our beautiful spring designs!

Peonies are the perfect gift for anyone celebrating anything in Spring. Anniversary? friend’s Birthday? Engagement? Baby shower? Or for the little Springophile in you who just wants to celebrate the fact that SPRING IS COMING by gifting yourself a bunch of peonies for the home. Watch them smile & swoosh their sarongs as you pack away the last of your Winterwears.

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