Welcome to Pearsons School of Floristry

We are the training arm of Pearsons Florist. We are an award-winning, ASQA accredited training organisation, renowned in the industry for delivering inspiring and innovative experiences for each and every student.  

Pearsons offer a wide variety of courses

  • For flower lovers wanting to start a career as a florist 
  • Professionals already working in the industry wanting to build their career
  • Floral workshops for creative souls.
  • Masterclass with industry leaders

Whether your goal is to begin a new and exciting career or to explore your own creativity, we have the course for you.

Pearsons History 

Pearsons Florist is a family business owned and operated by the Pollak family since 1969. Over 50 years later, we have a beautiful store in Bondi Junction as well as a successful website and an award winning school. A lot has changed aside from one thing: Pearsons is still a family business. Now a third generation of the Pollak family are involved, still as passionate about flowers and delivering quality service as we were way back when we started. 

The establishment of the Pearsons School of Floristry was a big step for the Pollak family. As Pearsons reputation grew, so did the number of customers asking about how to learn about floristry. We started humbly with our short course program, then developed a program for people who wanted to make flowers their life. We quickly learned how much we loved sharing our passion and knowledge.

Today, the Pearsons School of Floristry is a buzz! We have trained over 2,000 florists - many of who are rocking the flower world. Our workshops and short courses have been a hit!