Rebecca Martland: From Fine Arts to Floristry

From one highly creative, hands on discipline to another, we chat to a recent PSF (Pearsons School of Floristry) graduate about the transition from the world of fine art to Floristry. 

Coming from a Fine Arts background specializing in Sculpture, Rebecca knew she wanted to make something tangible and artistic and flowers became a natural calling. 

Rebecca started her floral journey with Pearsons after feeling the right ‘vibes’ from meeting company Owner and Director Barbara at an information evening. Going on to complete her Certificate III in Floristry and landing the most amazing job. 

We talk with Rebecca about her floral journey and how she ended up working in a stunning Florist run by another past Pearsons student.  

Tell us a bit about your floral journey - what did you do before and how did you come to choose Pearsons for your training? 

- I come from a creative background and have a degree in fine art. I specialised in sculpture and then wanted to apply that to an industry and that lead me to floristry.  

I chose Pearsons after attending the open evening and got the vibes that it was right for me after hearing from Barbara  


Tell us a bit about the flower shop you work in? 

I work in a small boutique flower shop in Maroubra beach, IF the Florist, working for another ex-Pearsons student Ivan. We cover all aspects of floristry from events, retail, funerals.  


    How did you get this job and how did Pearsons help you in entering the industry? 

    responded to a job post in the Pearsons Facebook group and then pestered Ivan until he gave me a trial! 

      (PSF Student + Graduate Facebook group is an amazing resource connecting students and work opportunities)  


      What do you enjoy most about training at Pearsons School of Floristry? 

      The range of knowledge from different teachers and in-depth practice of an arrangement with tailored feedback  


        What 3 things do you love most about working in a flower shop? 

         Creative freedom, chance to work on different projects, range of materials 


          Is there anything that has surprised you about the industry?  

          How little people know about plants and flowers- “yes it needs water!!”  

            Any advice you would give to someone new entering the industry and wanting to get a job? 

            Be experimental with your work, especially in a safe environment like school and throw yourself into it- go to markets, ask questions, intern to gain experience   


            So, be persistentwork out what it is you want for your floral journey and don’t be afraid to go after it. Rebecca landed her dream job by being determined, having the right attitude, and going with the vibes that this was right for her. 

            Rebecca completed the Pearsons 9-month Classic program in 2020.

            Ivan and Rebecca can be found at If The Florist  or on Instagram @iftheflorist