Exclusivity for Pearsons School of Floristry Students

 At Pearsons School of Floristry, we pride ourselves on our connection to industry. Not only are we uniquely placed to share the knowledge and expertise of Pearsons Florist, but we also have many valued relationships within our industry such as flower growers, suppliers, and of course other Florists, who regularly offer our students work experience and jobs.

It makes us so proud to receive Feedback from Florists of the pleasure in having a Pearsons Student on board as they have been well trained and are an asset in the workplace.

As part of our certificate III program, we run a series of selected events in our Enrichment program, that are exclusive to Pearsons School of Floristry students

Over the years we have held fabulous collaborations with high profile Florists from around the world, such as McQueen’s Flower School London, Passionflower Sue and Flower School New York, as well as some exceptional home-grown talent including John Emmanuel Floral events, Poho and Flowers Vasette.

We have had a couple of years interruption (hasn’t the whole world!) and have been delighted to start our Enrichment program back up again this year with the recent exclusive floral student event with the incredible talent of Tegan Obrien from The Lillpillian Floral Design Studio and Sophie Geisser from Eden and Bell Floral Design and Styling.

It was an exceptional evening with Tegan and Sophie sharing their knowledge and passion for flowers and business so generously. Students asked questions around Branding, attracting the right clients, pricing, colour and flower choice and much, much more..

Both designers are known for their sophisticated sense of style and exceptional use of colour. And they did not disappoint. Our students were blown away and the chatter around the room at the end of the night was a just buzz of inspiration.