Floristry Advanced Design Classes - the creative and mindset boost you've been waiting for

Have you ever noticed how some florists seem to be able to effortlessly create stunning designs and everything just seems to work.

Our Advanced Design Classes unlock the theory behind 'why' design works, as well as the 'how' to develop good technique. Enabling you to confidently use your design skills, to work quickly, make good design choices and create beautiful work time and time again.

An advanced workshop is a wonderful way to hone your floristry skills, spend time with like minded people and re-gain a sense of momentum in your creative practice.

Our advanced workshops run for one or two days and focus specifically on techniques and design styles that work. So that you can take them back to your practice and most importantly delight your customers with stunning designs.

You will have one-on-one guidance from our amazing trainers and plenty of time for feedback and reflection.

You will create beautiful set ups with elegant styling, gorgeous natural light along with expert guidance on photographing your work so that you come away with ahead full of ideas and stunning images you can use right away.

Setting aside space to focus on yourself and re-align with what you love is essential to moving forward and having clarity and confidence in your work.

Everything from delicate bouquets and cute wearable designs to impressive installations will add to your design repertoire, giving you something new to offer or to set you apart. 

We love our advanced workshops and are so proud to share them with you, we just know you are going to love them too!

So if you are wishing to take your design practice to the next level but don't know where to start. Or are short on time and need a burst of technique and inspiration to get you fired up then one of our stunning Advanced Workshop is just for you!

Not only that, who doesn't love a time devoted to focused creativity with flowers and spending time with like minded people.

Book into our Advanced Workshops!