Pearsons School Enrichment Program, what is it all about?

At Pearson School of Floristry, we're excited to introduce you to the wonderful world of floristry. Not only will we teach you the essential skills, but we also strive to connect you with industry experts.

Our enrichment program includes complimentary Sydney flower market tours, local flower farm visits, and exclusive enrichment evenings.

During these events, our lucky students will be able to learn from and interact with industry leaders who will share their expertise, knowledge, and experiences. We are excited for our final Enrichment Evening for 2023, with Craig Scott from East Coast Wildflowers and BESS Paddington. 

But who has joined us so far, you ask?

We have had, McQueens from LondonFlower School New YorkSue McCleary (Passionflower Sue), John Emmanuel, The Naked Florist, The Lillpillian Floral Design Studio and this year with the return of our Masterclasses, Joseph Massie! 

Current and alumni students are able to join us for these exclusive events all for free!

How do you become apart of this incredible community? JOIN OUR CAREER COURSE!

Get ready for your exciting floral journey to begin!