Why winter is a wonderful time to start your floristry journey

Don't go into hibernation this winter; keep warm by exercising your creative mind and following your passion for working with flowers. Winter offers a perfect opportunity to delve into the floral industry, and here's why.

Firstly, the florals!

Believe it or not we have a fabulous selection of floral beauty available in winter.

One of the things we love about Floristry are the seasons, each bringing its own goodness and exciting floral materials to learn and design with. From the drama of Cymbidium orchids to delicate  fragrance of Sweet Pea,  or the grace and charm of Hellebores, winter has an abundance of beauty for a new florist to enjoy.

Winter is a great time to learn  - It's a time of year for planning, reflecting and learning. With less social distractions on our calendars, winter can be a great time to set a study plan and get down to the business of learning a new skill. Be ready with renewed energy for spring. 

Special events - At the school we host our enrichment nights throughout winter, a great time to learn from industry leaders and gain inside knowledge. Held at our beautiful space at Stanmore enrichment nights are an opportunity for our students to be part of exclusive live talks and demonstrations from some of our industries best. 

Go on, do something creative to warm you up!

Book into a class and let yourself fully focus on all those good things. Spending a day or two, a series of casual classes, why not a whole 9 months, with likeminded people will not only lift your spirits it will fuel your motivation.

And as we can all testify; in floristry the learning never stops. There is always something new, someone you admire or a season to discover. 

So, find that thing that you want to do, and go do it, your future self will thank you!

At Pearsons School of Floristry we offer flexible study options 3, 6 or 9 months, so depending on your choice of course you could even be a florist by Christmas!

So, if you are thinking of studying floristry, July really is a great time of year to start. 

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