There are few things more satisfying than reaching that time of the year in Sydney when we know SUMMER is just around the corner.

Here at Pearsons, nothing shouts this glorious fact louder than the arrival of the beautiful seasonal PEONY (hello my beauty)…


  • Peonies can bloom for over 100 years with the right care!
  • They symbolize good fortune and a happy marriage, which makes them a very popular addition to wedding bouquets.
  • Peonies which are the floral symbol of China were originally called “sho yu”, meaning “most beautiful”. 
  • They are one of the largest flowers in nature, with certain varieties able to grow up to 10 inches in diameter.
  • Peonies grow natively in Asia and Europe but are also grown easily in North America and Australia in cooler areas.
  • Peonies are sun bathers and prefer a minimum of six hours of full sun per day.

Delighting true flower-lovers with their stunning shades of coral, champagne, palest pink, white, deepest burgundy (and more!), Peonies begin as tightly wound buds but give them a few days and you’ll see your Peonies flesh out and flash their frills and ruffle those feathery petals like the tulle in a tutu in Swan Lake!

Peonies are the favourite flower for anyone celebrating anything in Spring. Anniversary? Friend’s Birthday? Engagement? Baby shower?

Or for the little Springophile in you who just wants to celebrate the fact that SPRING IS HERE by picking up a bunch of peonies for the home.

If you or someone you know is as excited about SPRING as we are, PICK UP YOUR PEONIES from your closest PEARSONS FLORIST!

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