Sustainable floristry - special event exclusively for PSF students

Sustainable floristry is a hot topic in our industry right now, with many of us doing our bit to move towards more sustainable ways of working.  None more so than the fabulous florist and sustainability advocate Ashleigh Palmowski of The Naked Florist.

There is so much to learn in the sustainability arena and our students were thrilled to meet Ashleigh when she joined us for our recent exclusive PSF student only enrichment night.  

Newcastle based florist, Ashleigh is a past Pearsons student and has gone on from strength to strength, building a beautiful eco-friendly weddings and events business.

Now attracting discerning clients who want Ashleigh's work, not just for her amazing floral talent and stunning designs but for her sustainable ethos and regard for nature in its pure form.

Ashleigh sources local grown flowers, forages for fresh foliage and finds unique, textured pieces to bring colour palettes and design dreams to life.

Ashleigh shared with us some of her construction tricks and tips and about her ways of working including, responsible foraging, sourcing and bespoke containers for holding the most beautiful, natural, foam free designs.

It was a fabulous evening, so full of information and glorious flowers. Ashleigh generously shared her knowledge and processes with us.  Answering student's questions not just on working sustainably and natural floral design, but on many topics such as branding, business building, client relationships, pricing, responsible foraging and so much more. 

Our students had the best time and had so many questions, which Ashleigh generously answered.

What an absolute pleasure and honor to share time with such a passionate and talented designer, empowering the next generation of sustainable florists.

The Naked Florist 


PSF students are treated to several Enrichment evenings throughout the year that are exclusive to us. They build upon the skills and knowledge taught in the classroom and give our students privileged access to prominent industry members and behind the scenes and information.