Your Summer of Creativity

Why starting your Floristry study in JANUARY has lots of positive benefits. 

As a New Year starts we find ourselves looking to the future with fresh resolutions to follow our dreams. It's the perfect time to embark on a floral journey to a new career.

What better way to start fresh than to pursue your passion of working with flowers and enrol on a floristry course.

Summer is a great time of year to be part of the floral industry and here’s why -

Bountiful blooms – summer is one of the most colourful times of year in the floral calendar. Bright strong blooms are abundant and floral favourites like hydrangea and roses are at their peak.


Wonderful weddings –the hot bright days of summer are gorgeous times for outdoor weddings in gardens or romantic venues by our own beautiful harbour or beaches.

Exciting events – So many events on the Floral calendar sit through summer, such as Christmas and New Year's Eve gatherings, long weekends, holidays and all the attendant parties.

So, if you are thinking of studying floristry January really is a great time of year to start, don’t put your dreams on hold any longer. Call Rose in the office for a friendly chat or pop in for a more in depth one to one meeting to find out all about our course (and get a sneaky behind the scenes glimpse of Pearsons Florist in operation!)