Family and flowers - generations building business and lifelong learning

Tuscany Grima is the daughter of floral super star John Emmanuel. Tuscany grew up in the floristry industry, her parents John and Lisa have worked together, first with flower shops and now leading the way in luxury weddings and events, for all of Tuscany's life.

We catch up with Tuscany to find out what it is like working with her fabulous dad and why she decided to enroll at Pearsons School of Floristry to get formally qualified. 

  • You have been surrounded by flowers your whole life and have and have been part of many large weddings and events, why did you decide to get qualified and do your Cert III?

Although I have seen many large-scale events and seen how they are executed, I have never been taught the basics of floral design, so I decided to do the Pearson certificate III in floristry. By learning these skills and techniques and being taught by Pearsons’ teachers I have seen different styles, and through this I want to develop and create my own style. 


  • What was it about Pearsons School that made you want to study with us?

I chose to study at Pearsons as I liked that they change with the times and teach on trend styles, but still teaching the formal and tradition techniques, styles and skills. I also wanted to learn new skills and learn from different people.

  • Have you made any meaningful connections with fellow students, teachers, or florists during your course?

During my time at Pearson so far I have connected with many students, I have had the pleasure of helping some of the students attend work experience with the John Emmanuel team.

The teachers will always be a highlight as I got to know their personalities and see their love of flowers as they taught, also seeing how each teacher’s unique styles. 

  • Have you got a favourite part of the course so far?

I don’t think I could say I preferred one aspect over another. As handtied has taught me the retail side of the floristry industry, and found a love for it, and it has encouraged me to develop an online shop to the john Emmanuel company. Base medium has further extended my love for floral installations and has helped develop a style of my own. And wiring helped me perfect my technical skills, which has been amazing.

  • What is your favourite experience so far in your floristry career?

It is hard to pinpoint my favourite experience, but I would have to say it comes down to two. Working interstate on large scale wedding with my parents and the john Emmanuel team. And designing arrangements and creating an online flower shop with my dad. 

  • What projects/floristry work most excites you or you would love to work on?

Ever since I knew I wanted to be a floral designer, I dreamed of doing extreme large scale international events.

  • You mostly work on larger weddings and events, is this what you love the most or are there other kinds of floristry designs that you really enjoy creating? 
I definitely enjoy working on large events, as I love seeing a regular space transform into something totally different and magical. Also seeing how one space can be changed into many different themes and styles.
  • What are your flower favourites go to’s?

I have to say roses as they come in many different verities and can always be focal. But my favourite rose is a ‘playa blanca’ the mass of petals and the vintage white, stands out to me

  • What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into floristry?

I would defiantly recommend work experience within all different parts of the industry so you can find your passion, also to study and learn basic techniques involved.

  • If you could pick one thing about large weddings and events that is good advice to pass on to anyone wanting to get into this area, what would it be?

Knowing that every worker is useful, weather you are a senior florist, junior florist, or trainee. Everyone has a part to play when it comes to executing an event. Also, that floral design is only one aspect of an event and being able to work with many different suppliers from across the wedding sector.

  • You grew up in a family floristry business, so seems inevitable that flowers would be your world. Now that you have graduated Pearsons, what does the future hold for you?

Moving forward I would love to design/ style events and be able to grow the John Emmanuel brand into other parts of the floristry industry. (Starting the online shop). Also, to work with my father to make the brand international.

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