Pearsons School of Floristry Graduates travel together to create magical UK wedding.

There is nothing we love more than hearing all the wonderful stories from our students and graduated students as they carve out their own incredible floral journeys. 

Read on to hear how fabulous florist friends Rachael and Mia, who met whilst both attending our career course, ended up travelling together to flower up the most amazing UK destination wedding. 

Rachael - 

A friend that moved back to the UK asked me to come over and do her flowers. She wanted a modern take on floristry for her wedding and not that classic English gardenesque flower vibe.

As I was already a guest at the wedding it was a no brainer for her to ask me if it was possible. I said ‘YES!’ Without doing any of the research, which is so like me! I say yes to everything and then figure it out later.

Of course, the next thing for me to do was to contact the one and only, Lynne Dallas! (Thank you, Rachael!) I figured she had a few tips and tricks for me to access the flower world in the UK! That she did and then some!

Lynne was able to connect me with 2 florists, based in the UK. They were both oh so helpful. I was very lucky that both of these florists had a few different ideas how I could source flowers and sundries. The flower market in England is a bit different to that of Sydney. They have the famous London Convent Garden market; however, this was 3 hours' drive from where the wedding location was. Added bonus as I was without a vehicle! So, I was put into contact with other wholesalers who were located closer to me and could also offer delivery.

I knew it was going to be a big job and I thought ‘who better to call than my flower bestie Mia!’ (@mimifloristry) Lucky for me, she was up for the challenge, and it would be our first international gig!!

So stoked that she was able to fly over and work alongside me! We’ve known each other since our flower school days at Pearson’s in 2020 and now we both have our own wedding flower business and help each other out whenever we can! Honestly, couldn’t have done without her and all the help I got along the way!

Rachel - Petal and Peach Floral Design


Mia - Mimi Floristry