Flowers and forever friendship

When a group of like-minded people embark on a floral course together it's inevitable that they will make friends, however this group had no idea they would form such strong bonds with their classmates who would become lifelong friends.

Classmates Amy and Suzie tell us their stories of flowers and friendship - 

Amy Macit -

When I started at Pearsons School of Floristry, I knew I would gain new knowledge, new skills and if I was lucky new career path ahead. What I didn’t expect to gain was the gorgeous people I’d be surrounded with, who became so much more than someone I simply sat next to each class. They became friends!

We share a passion for flowers, and through that we encourage each other to make dormant dreams become a reality and to be bolder in our designs.  We support and inspire each other when sometimes it just isn’t our day in the classroom, and more than anything we laugh (a lot) as we learn.



We share so much with each other, blogs, podcasts, industry info.  We network contacts in the industry, and the more experienced in the group let us in on the tricks that helped them as they were starting out. As our time at Pearsons came to a close, we’ve found ourselves not wanting any of it to end ~ and we are so aware of how lucky we are to have found each other and go on this journey together

When I look back on our time here, it will be the everyday moments of creating something really beautiful, listening to music and chatting about flowers with new friends that stands out the most, and I can’t wait to watch this talented group of people shine in whatever path comes next for them.


Suzie Kellow - 

As I near the end of my 9-month journey at Pearsons, I wonder why on earth it took me so long to dive into this journey which has brought me so much joy and passion.

Coming from a background in horticulture, I had a growing love of flowers, in particular growing my own in my own garden and arranging them in my home and for gifts for friends and family. My partner had been encouraging me to take this to the next level and commit to studying floristry for some time now, but life just kept getting in the way.

From the very first day of starting the course, I instantly felt such a connection to this type of work, and it felt so natural. Add to that the amazing environment, the absolutely stunning premises, amazing teachers, and lifelong friends made, and I can confidently say now that this has been one of the best 9 months of my life.

The confidence I have gained through each term/cluster has outweighed my expectations. The teachers truly care about your progress and bringing out your own personal style. This confidence allowed me to take the first steps of starting up my own online floristry business, something j could never have dreamed would happen so quickly for me.

Along with the amazing floral knowledge and skills I have gained at Pearsons, I have made many lifelong friends. This is very special to me as making genuine new friends in your 30s is rare and I am so grateful for meeting these amazing likeminded people.

I love that we all have quite different areas we want to focus on in the future, but we all have a love and passion for flowers which is so amazing and makes the journey even more wonderful.


I would strongly recommend anyone who is even considering studying floristry and Pearsons to do this course- you will absolutely not regret it!!