Julie Dinh - Seamstress to Florist 9 month program

Julie completed her Certificate III on our classic 9 month program. She is a passionate creative and maker.... and dog modeller!  Here's her story ....


What is your Insta handle?  My handle is  @ julesandjoules

What are your floral dreams?  I would like to eventually go into events.

What work did you do before studying at Pearsons?

I worked as a seamstress.

Are you working Full or Part Time now?

I still work full-time as a seamstress and would take on a few floristry orders from friends and family. But I will be looking for a job in the near future.

Why did you choose to study a 9 month program?  

I chose the 9 month program because it best suits with my work schedule. Also, I was in no rush to fast track and put on the added pressure. It was perfect for me to absorb, relax and develop my skills.

How has it suited you? 

The program is fantastically flexible. Pearson did a great job at helping me change my studies if needed. I always felt comfortable and relaxed during my studies. 

What have been the challenges?

My challenges was to find time to complete my assessments by the due date because my work schedule is hectic. However, Pearson was accommodating to my situation and pressure was lifted off my shoulders.

What Industry Work Experience have you done?

I did work experience with John Emmanuel and at my local flower shop. Incredible experiences.


Did this help you build your floristry skills and ideas? 

Absolutely, I felt more confident with my skills because you’re on your A-game working with the best in the industry. Seeing the action in the industry definitely made my floristry dreams more concrete. 

How did you enjoy the classes?

The classes was something I always looked forward to each week. I loved it. Coming in to see your friends going through the same journey as you and the teachers were always patient. It was the highlight of my week.

Did you make new flower friends?

Of course! I met many people from different walks of life and it's interesting to see how we all chose to be doing floristry. We talked about our goals and aspirations and we were always there to help each other out. Great life long friends!

Favourite thing?

My favourite was wiring and wrap it up. It tests and challenges your fine motor skills and to see all the skills you acquired put into action for wrap it up. 


What are your flower plans now?

For now I still have my big events dream but I will climb the ladder to get there soon!

I really enjoy writing about my experience. It was fabulous! "