Alexandra Didier - Psychologist to Florist 3 month Intensive Program

Alex Didier completed the Pearsons 3-month Intensive study program from January-April 2020 and is now working in the florist industry. 

We asked Alex to share her story.


What work did you do before studying at Pearsons?

Once upon a time I was a clinical psychologist in France, and when I came to Australia few years ago, I had very different job opportunities, from sales assistant in a cheese shop to dental nurse in an orthodontics practice. 

But flowers and Nature in general have always been a big part of my life. My love for them has started when my mother brought me to a nursery for the first time when I was a little girl, and then taught me how to take care of the flowers and plants I chose to plant in my own flower bed. Few years after I decided to go to a horticulture and landscaping school but eventually changed my mind… 

 It just took me a while before I could listen to what my heart was telling me. Those three months at Pearsons school is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Are you working Full or Part Time now?

6 weeks after having obtained my certificate III, I found a job as junior floral designer in a growing company based in Melbourne and Sydney.

For now I’m working Part Time during my training and then will be Full Time.

Why did you choose to study a 3 months program? and how has it suited you? 

As it took me a while to finally understand what I really wanted to do, I decided to invest myself at 100% and focus on becoming a certified florist as soon as possible. So it was a perfect fit for my expectations.

 How flexible did you find the program? 

Even if I didn’t have to make any changes in my schedule during my time at the school, it was quite a relief to know I didn’t have to be worried about it as everything is made for students to accommodate if something unexpected happens.

What have been the challenges?

At the time I started the classes, I didn’t have a job and could focus on my courses at 100%, which was a real chance. The 3 months program will keep you very busy not only 3 days but also the rest of the week, it’s like having a full time job!!

I had to be well organised as I wanted to be able to do my homework, read my handbooks, learn what I needed to learn … etc  and most importantly be able to do my assignments on time.

 For certain, the 3 months program will throw many things at you, and you will have to be committed, rigorous and involved to stay up to date as it is fast paced, however it is rewarding and satisfying to complete many different modules in a condensed period of time. My only advice would be, do not fall behind, even by 1 or 2 days and stay on top of things. 

How did you enjoy the classes?

I quite really enjoyed the classes. Being involved like we were in a real flower shop is a very good idea as it gives you a sample of the duties (flower stock, housekeeping, flowers prep, stocktaking … etc) you have to be aware of in your future job. 

 The atmosphere during classes was a good mix between being casual and challenging. Firstly you have to be attentive about the technique and understand how it works and then, all you need to do is enjoy your creativity and play with your flowers.

Did you make new flower friends?

At the time of my studies I had two other fast track mates sharing the classes with me. It was very nice to share this time with them and support each other.

Favourite thing?

It’s hard to pick only one thing! I would say I enjoyed the whole experience.The quality of the training and the professionalism were here. Overall, the thing I am the happiest about is having made the decision to follow and give a go to something I wanted to do for many years, making a living from something I am passionate about, and Pearson’s school helped me in turning it into a reality.

What are your flower plans now?

For now, as my junior floral designer journey has just begun, I will follow this path for a while, and when I will feel ready, move up the professional ladder!  


What is your Insta handle?  

I don’t have an Instagram account where I post my flower creations and inspirations. However I enjoy following few accounts either very popular events designers or flower farms:

  • Signature Floral Design

  • Joseph Massie

  • Passion Flowers Sue

  • Texture Florals

  • East Coast Wild Flowers

  • Australian Flower Farm Collective

  • Fam Flower Farm