Millie Skillen: Working her dream job

What is so fabulous about working in a flower shop you may ask. We’ve all heard the saying ‘love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life’.  Is this true for working in Floristry? 

We might be biased but we’d say yes, it is! 

Floristry is a vibrant and creative industry and working in a flower shop also brings the enjoyment of being part of a local community. So important in todays disconnected – connect societyIt is a privilege seeing life’s celebrations and significant moments and being part of the special times in people’s lives.  

We talked to the lovely Millie Skillen who is currently studying Certificate III at Pearsons School of Floristry to find out if she has found her dream job and what makes it so special. 

Meet Millie Skillen, current PSF student now working at gorgeous The Floral Craftsman in Mosman. 

Tell us a bit about your floral journey - what did you do before and how you choose Pearsons for your training? 

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a florist. Sadly, in school people thought it was a joke and made me feel insecure about my dreams. I finished my HSC in 2018 and begun full time work. I worked for 18 months in a doctor’s surgery as a medical receptionist. I left this job in June of 2020 and begun studying with Pearson’s in July 2020. 

investigated many options for studying and Pearsons offered the best for me, being from a small country town I did have to move to Sydney to follow my passions. Pearsons offers you the complete package, by the time you are qualified you have been offered so many opportunities and leaves you set up with contacts in the industry.  


Tell us a bit about the flower shop you work in? 

I work for ‘Matt Bisaro – Floral Craftsman’ he is based in Mosman. Matt has been in the floristry industry for over 25 years and has a wealth of knowledge. Matt believes in providing quality to all his customers.   

We sell a variety of vintage collectables, fresh flowers, vases, pots, homewares, and more. We offer a premium range of seasonal blooms both imported and locally grown. Weddings, corporate, small and large functions, funerals and bouquets are all services we provide. All members of the team are passionate about flowers. 


How did you get this job and how did Pearsons help you in entering the industry? 

I gained employment 3 weeks into my course, I found the job on and sent my resume and cover letter to Matt. The next day Matt had called, and we had organised a trial, the day I had my trial I was offered the job and the rest they say is history. 

Pearson’s offered me a major advantage as I had begun my course, I had some knowledge of floristry. Matt was excited to have a junior on the team and teach me his ways. Matt is a big believer in learning as you go, be involved with everything and do as much as possible. 


What do you enjoy most about training at Pearsons School of Floristry? 

The trainers at Pearsons are so incredibly passionate about all this flowers and learning. You are provided with unlimited opportunities and knowledge. I am not afraid to ask questions in class, you feel so supported by your peers and teachers.   

What 3 things do you love most about working in a flower shop? 

  1. Such a happy environment 
  2. Customers are always so lovely. 
  3. I am following my dream and creating beautiful things every day. 

Is there anything that has surprised you about the industry? 

Nothing really surprised me, but I am learning new things every day that keeps me on my toes. The industry is ever changing so it is important to keep up to date with trends and new styles, this would be the hardest/surprising part. 

Any advice you would give to someone new entering the industry and wanting to get a job? 

Apply for everything, get your name out there, do work experience, go into stores and introduce yourself this allows possible employees to put a face to the name. Take every opportunity you are offered and do not hold back. People appreciate when you get in and do your best, ask questions and don’t be afraid.  


Top ten things about working in a flower shop that people just love 

  1.  Work in a dynamic and ever-changing environment 
  2. Get back to nature with the coming and going of the seasons 
  3. Do something creative and tactile with your hands 
  4. Craft something beautiful and unique 
  5. Make people smile 
  6. Be part of every special occasion from birth to death 
  7. Be part of a local community 
  8. Work with other like-minded creatives and artists 
  9. Express your own style and creativity 
  10. Fill your days with colour and scent