Floral Party Styling


Have you always dreamed of styling your own blooms for a party or an event? Join our full-day workshop, where our trainers at Pearsons will share their expert floral styling tips.

During the workshop, you will learn how to properly condition and care for freshly bought flowers. You'll create a beautiful centerpiece perfect for any table, then you will turn that design into ecclectic arrangements to style your table. The session will conclude with guidance on table setting and styling using candles and ornaments.

Join us at our newly renovated classrooms in Stanmore, a space filled with light and creativity. We are excited to show you around! The best part is that you take your flowers home at the end of the session to share with your loved ones.

These techniques are versatile and can be used for any celebration! No prior experience is necessary. Our full-day workshop is designed for beginners and is suitable for all flower enthusiasts.

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