Valid for students enrolled after 16/11/21 and commencing training after Jan 1, 2022.

This policy applies to students that have enrolled in the Pearsons flexible SFL30115 CERTIFICATE III in Floristry program.  A separate policy applies to students enrolled under Smart and Skilled. 

Deferring your studies 

PSF offer students the flexibility of deferring the completion of their studies.    

If you need to defer your studies:  

  • Please provide WRITTEN NOTICE to the PSF Student Support Officer. Via email is acceptable. 
  • Notice must be received at least 10 days prior to the commencement of your next cluster. 
  • We recommend you defer at the end of a Practical Cluster rather than mid-cluster. 


  1. PSF cannot guarantee a particular study day is available. It will depend on class numbers and the scheduled program.  
  2.  If the floristry training package is updated (see item 21) during your deferment you may need to complete additional classes or assessments to receive the current qualification. This MAY incur an additional fee.  
  3. You must finish your studies within the two-year period. 
  4. If the 10 days’ notice is not given, you may have to pay for your flowers for the first few classes when you recommence.  


What happens to your fees? 

If the course has been PREPAID your fees in full: 

  • You have two years to complete all clusters so to re-join the course simply contact us to discuss your study program. There will be no additional fees unless you repeat classes, undertake Private tuition session, or your need to transition to a new training package. 
  •  If no refund has been issued, and you would like to complete the course over a longer period of time, additional fees may apply subject to the current course costs at that time. Note: you may be required to repeat some elements of the course if your skills are no longer current or the course structure changes. There will be fees incurred with this. 

If you are paying by INSTALMENTS: 

  • If you have paid all your instalments, the conditions for PREPAID will apply. (See above)  
  • If you need to defer, you can put your instalments “ON HOLD” and restart your payment schedule when you restart your study. However, fees will be re-calculated to the current costing when you restart. 


Recommencing your studies 

The process of recommencing your studies: 

  • Contact Student Support to discuss your study options 
  • When there is a suitable place available, you can re-commence your program.  
  • PSF will discuss your progression through the course and the best way to return to your studies. 

What is the best Learning Experience for you?   

If you have DEFERRED at the end of one cluster (for example, you will completed successfully Hand tied but would like to defer Wiring and Base Medium) you can recommence your program where you left off. 

However if you have deferred MID-CLUSTER, and had a considerable break from any floristry, it may be best for you to repeat some classes so you feel confident to continue the course.  This may be the best learning experience for you.  You will only be charged the FLOWER FEE for classes you repeat.   


It will be deemed that you have elected to ABANDON this course if: 

  • You do not attend your scheduled classes for three consecutive weeks without notice 
  • You do not respond to correspondence with the school regarding your studies  
  • You do not complete your assignments or classroom assessments 

What happens if you are deemed to have abandoned the course? 

We will defer your study program until you contact us or your 2 year study period has expired. After the two year period you will automatically be withdrawn from the course.


Withdrawing from the course. 

You may choose to withdraw from the course at any  time.  Please provide written notice of your Withdrawal.   

Within 30 days of your written notice of Withdrawal PSF will provide you with a STATEMENT of ATTAINMENT for the Units you have successfully completed and been assessed as Competent. 

You may or may not be due for a Refund of your fees. 


REFUND POLICY: Terms and Conditions of a Refund  

The Administration Fee/Deposit paid is NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you have paid your deposit then decide not to commence the course, there is no refund. 


Refunds after the Course Commencement 

The refund policy is based on our FULL PRICING for each CLUSTER.    

Refunds will only be issued for clusters NOT COMMENCED. If the required WRTTEN notice is not received 10 business days before you start a cluster or you have attended even one day of that cluster, you will receive NO REFUND for that cluster. 


How much refund will I receive? 

The amount depends on: 

  1. The amount you have paid (including any discounts received); 
  2. the number of clusters you have enrolled in; 
  3. And the WRITTEN notice of WITHDRAWAL from the Course. 

      When you book and pay for the whole course you are in effect receiving a discount on individual cluster price of around 30%. Your refund will be based on the FULL PRICE OF A CLUSTER (See list below).  

      Once you have attended a number of clusters there is No Refund as the individual clusters cost will exceed the amount paid. (Please see below for more details).  There is no refund for the Enrichment Program. 

      To receive a refund for a cluster you MUST provide a minimum of 10 business day’s WRITTEN notice prior to a cluster commencing.  No refund will be given after this time, regardless of your circumstances. 



      Cluster Name 



      Cluster Fee 

      Flower Care 





      The Flower Shop 



      Practical – Hand tied 



      Practical – Wiring 



      Practical – Base Medium 



      Wrap it Up workshop 






        No refund will be given to those on individual clusters 


      Example One: Fees paid Upfront  

      Student has paid $10,000 in full prior to commencing their studies with an Early Bird Discount and no other discount.   

      • They have either started or completed the following clusters: Flower Care (FC), Design (DES), Hand tied (HT) and Flower Shop (FS). 
      • Ten days’ notice is given before commencing Base Medium, Wiring or Wrap It Up.  

      See calculations as per following: 




              Fees paid up to date – Upfront EB discount 



                    Less  Clusters started or completed     

                 (FC $270, DES $270, HT $3,170 & FS $540) 



                   Less withdrawal fees 


         Net Refund 




      Example Two: Fees paid in instalments 

      • Student’s course fees with Early Bird Discount is $10,500 and no other discount.  The student has paid $4,500 to date by instalments. 
      •  Student has either started or completed clusters: Flower Care (FC), Design (DES), Hand tied (HT) and Flower Shop (FS). 
      • Ten days’ notice is given before commencing Base Medium, Wiring or Wrap It Up. 

           See refund calculations as per following: 




      Fees paid up to date – Instalments  



                    Less  Clusters started or completed     

                  (FC $270, DES $270, HT $3,020 & FS $540) 



                  Less withdrawal fees 

       - ($400) 

         Net Refund 




      Pearsons School of Floristry reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions for Enrolment in SFL30115 Certificate III in Floristry at any time.