This policy applies to students that have enrolled in Pearsons School of Floristry, Career Course, SFL30115 CERTIFICATE III in Floristry.  A separate policy applies to students enrolled under Smart and Skilled. 

PSF offer students the flexibility of deferring the completion of their studies.    

If you need to defer your studies:  

  • We recommend you defer at the end of a cluster rather than mid-cluster.
  • Provide written (email) notice to the PSF Student Support Officer. 
  • Notice must be received at least 10 days prior to the commencement of your next cluster. 
  • You may only defer twice in your two-year enrolment period.


  1. PSF cannot guarantee a particular study day is available. It will depend on class numbers and the scheduled program.  
  2.  If the floristry training package is updated (see item 21) during your deferment you may need to complete additional classes or assessments to receive the current qualification. This MAY incur an additional fee.  
  3. You must finish your studies within the two-year period. 
  4. If the 10 days’ notice is not given, you may have to pay for your flowers for the first few classes when you recommence.  

What happens to your fees? 

If you defer, you can pause your instalments and restart your payment schedule prior to restarting your study. However, fees will be re-calculated to the current costing of when you restart. 

    Recommencing your studies 

    The process of recommencing your studies: 

    • Contact Student Support to discuss your study options via
    • When there is a suitable place available, you can re-commence your program.  
    • PSF will discuss your progression through the course and the best way to return to your studies. 

    What is the best Learning Experience for you?   

    If you have deferred at the end of one cluster you can recommence your program at the start of the next cluster.

    However, if you have deferred mid-cluster and had a considerable break from any floristry, it may be best for you to repeat some classes so you feel confident to continue the course. This may be the best learning experience for you. 


    It will be deemed that you have elected to abandon this course if: 

    • You do not attend your scheduled classes for three consecutive weeks without notice, and/or, 
    • You do not respond to correspondence with the school regarding your studies, and/or,   
    • You do not complete your assignments or classroom assessments.

    If you are deemed to have abandoned the course, your study program be placed on hold until you make contact or your 2-year study period has expired. At that point you will automatically be withdrawn from the course.

    Withdrawing from the course

    You may choose to withdraw from the course at any time. Please provide written notice of your withdrawal.

    Within 30 days of your written notice of withdrawal, PSF will provide you with a STATEMENT of ATTAINMENT for the Units you have successfully completed and been assessed as Competent. 


    The Career Course deposit is non-refundable or transferable.

    If you have paid your deposit then decide not to commence the course, there is no refund or transfer to other floral courses. 

    Pearsons School of Floristry reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions for Enrolment in SFL30115 Certificate III in Floristry at any time.