A wild night at Pearsons School of Floristry!

If you love Australian native wild flowers,  then you are going to love to see what we got up to at our recent student enrichment night.

Our enrichment program is a series activities and events, that are exclusive to our students and as a part of it, our students get to to rub shoulders with some of the Floristry industry's finest. None more so then when native Australian flower grower Craig Scott of East Coast Wild Flowers and his talented florist daughter, Bess of BESS Paddington came to showcase what they do. And boy what a showcase.Craig was so informative about growing native flora and it was inspiring to listen to his journey and his family history in the growing/floristry industry. Craig is a huge supporter of floristry education and is passionate about passing on knowledge to students on the use and care of wild flowers, especially when it comes to knowing the differences between South African and Australian materials.

Meanwhile Bess delighted our students with a wonderful demonstration of her stunning floristry and unique style. Making the most breath-taking, large scale vase arrangement and showing our students her way of making gorgeous, sustainable wreaths.

We couldn't get enough! The evening was so captivating and inspirational and just down right beautiful. Australian native flowers are truly special and we certainly encourage our students to explore, learn about and enjoy working with these exquisite flowers!

To see more information about our Enrichment program have a look here.