At Pearsons School of Floristry, we pride ourselves on our connection to industry. Not only are we uniquely placed to share the knowledge and expertise of Pearsons Florist, but we also have many valued relationships within our industry such as flower growers, suppliers, and of course other Florists, who regularly offer our students work experience and jobs.

As part of our career course, we run a series of selected events in our Enrichment program, that are exclusive to Pearsons School of Floristry students.

Recently our students were treated to an inspirational floral demonstration by the sensational John Emmanuel and his floral events team.

John is renowned in the luxury wedding market for creating epic and memorable event florals. Often working with incredible volumes of flowers, an example he told us about was a wedding that used an unimaginable 300,000 stems of roses!

John’s business is very much a family affair, something John is very proud of, as he sees his grown-up children taking the business forward into the future. John is also passionate about floristry training and education, sharing with us his own floristry education journey and why he is currently sending his youngest daughter, Tuscany to us at PSF to gain a broader range of skills and knowledge and gain her formal qualification as a florist.

Our students were thrilled to get the opportunity, not only to watch John and his team create floral magic but to also get to ask John all their burning questions about design, floristry business and of course about those big budgets!

The evening was a huge success, and everyone was buzzing to have been part of something so special.

So, if you are thinking of studying floristry January really is a great time of year to start, don’t put your dreams on hold any longer. Call Rose in the office for a friendly chat or pop in for a more in depth one to one meeting to find out all about our course (and get a sneaky behind the scenes glimpse of Pearsons Florist in operation!)