Florist Q&A Enrichment Evening

What does a budding new florist need to get ahead?

Apart from the design skills and industry knowledge gained on the SFL30115 Certificate lll floristry course, an aspiring florist needs support and mentorship to help them along the way on their floristry journey.

An enthusiastic group of past and present students gathered together for an inspiring and informative evening of discussion with three of our industries best. Three fabulous and yet quite different florists, Maddy from Ellebore, John from John Emannuel Floral Events and Ed from Poho flowers, so generously shared all things floral at our student Floristry Q&A evening.

Each panel member brought with them a stunning floral design that demonstrated their personal floral style and unique talents. Maddy’s bouquet was passed around the room for students to get a close up view of how it was made and was much admired for the beautiful, romantic colour palette and floral materials. John’s sensational elevated table center clearly demonstrated the abundant luxury style he is known for and Ed’s divine structural, corporate vase arrangement full of texture and form showed off his penchant for all things design.

Student questions ranged from, how to get a job, how to start out on your own in business, social media secrets, to building a brand. Each of our guests shared their own personal floral stories and what got them to where they are now. Students were thrilled and delighted by the real life scenarios that our panel shared and their recommendations for success.

At the end of the night students got the opportunity to meet these amazing florists and talk to them one to one.

Our recent student enrichment night was just one of the building blocks of success that we offer to our students on top of the skills learnt in the classroom. At Pearsons, we aim to expose our students to the floristry industry as much as possible throughout their time with us by encouraging them to engage in numerous opportunities exclusive to our school. Students are often invited to assist with work experience with well known florists, attend industry events and demonstrations as well as attend excursions which immerse the students in to all aspects of the industry. This in turn results in many of our students successfully finding work placement during or once finishing their studies. 

At Pearsons School of Floristry we are incredibly proud of our enrichment program, connecting our students to the industry that they are so eager to be part of.

We are so thankful to our wonderful guests for their candor generosity of knowledge shared. All in all the evening was a great success and we very much look forward to the next one.


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