Flowerschool New York at Pearsons School Sydney

What a fabulous week! In addition to our Certificate III classes, Pearsons hosted Calvert Crary from FlowerSchool New York for both a 4-day intensive workshop AND a demonstration evening exclusively for Pearsons Certificate III students. Our students and staff have had an amazing time learning techniques and styles direct from the Big Apple! 

We were so excited and thought we would share some of the highlights of the past week..

FlowerSchool New York 4 day Workshop:

We were lucky to have Calvert create a unique course for his Australian program. This was based on the FlowerSchool NY Introductory and Intensive series. Designs included modern single flower displays, contemporary garden arrangements through to corporate vases.

The range of techniques and designs was broad and modern and we all learned so much!

Pearsons Certificate III student’s Enrichment night:

On the last night of Calvert’s stay in Sydney he generously shared his knowledge and creativity with 80+ Pearsons Certificate III students and graduates.  

Pearsons CIII students were able to meet Calvert, watch a floral demonstration and hear his tips for their floral journey. Some key take-aways from this night worth sharing...

What advice would you give to someone starting out as a florist?  

  • Invest in developing your skills
  • Be organised and plan your flower purchases
  • Always design with your client’s needs in mind
  • And most of all be kind to yourself! Remind yourself to just do the best job you can and learn from mistakes

What key trends are you seeing in floristry now, and what do you predict to be trends for the future?

Currently I see a lot of wild and whimsical floristry designs in the industry, which I feel started from Sarah Ryhanen and her team at @Saipua. I'm loving sculptural designs and see the future trends in floristry leading to a more monotone colour palette, evident in Lewis Miller's work. I also wouldn't be surprised if we stopped using a lot of foliage and made arrangements more flower dominent going forward.

Who do you follow and get inspired from?

I follow and am inspired by Olivier Giugni of @lolivierfloralatelier for his impressive, large scale, modern designs and many years of experience, Taylor Patterson of @foxfodderfarm for her beautiful eye for colour and being a true artist in her field. I also admire the designs from Lewis Miller @lewismillerdesign known for his 'flower flashes' around New York and the world as well as Ariella Chezar @ariellachezardesign who is a true colourist - both of which are teachers at FlowerSchool New York.


 "Such a great night with Calvert Crary from FlowerSchool New York. Thanks to Pearsons School and Barbara for organising another awesome event"
- Nathan Mehlhopt, PSF student


About FlowerSchool New York:

FlowerSchool New York is the most prestigious center for the floral arts in New York City. It is the mission of FlowerSchool New York to celebrate great floral design and designers, and to help people live a richer life through flowers.

About Calvert Crary:

Calvert Crary is the Executive Director of both FlowerSchool New York and FlowerSchool Los Angeles. Calvert is a floral entrepreneur who has worked with some of NY’s most celebrated floral designers. He has trained and coached thousands of students on how to work in the floral industry.