The low down on the FAQ's!

Every day we get asked a myriad of questions about floristry and our course - From 'what it is like to be a florist', 'how much does the course cost', 'are there enough jobs' and much more.

And we love to answer your questions, because guess what? We can talk about floristry all day!

As a dedicated school of floristry, it is what we are all about. We spend our time, teaching, mentoring and supporting students to enter or grow in our fabulous floral industry.

We have delved into the most frequently asked questions and provided you with our expert answers, here's the down low on the FAQ's!

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What are the essential skills needed to be a successful florist?

To excel as a florist, it's important to have a combination of artistic and practical skills. Creativity and an eye for design are crucial. Good communication and customer service skills are also important as you'll be working closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences. Other essential skills include attention to detail, time management, and the ability to work well under setting up display

Do I need any prior skills to do the course?

No, our course is suitable for beginners, our expert trainers have the skills and experience to guide you all the way through your wrapping flowers

Do I need any qualifications to become a florist?

While formal qualifications are not always required to become a florist, the benefits of structured, industry relevant training are clearly evident in our graduate's finding success. Floristry is a fast moving industry and staying ahead of trends, techniques and industry networking are just some of the benefits of completing our course.

Our career course provides valuable knowledge and skills under the guidance of experienced and industry active teachers.floristry teacher

How do I get a job in the industry?

Gaining hands-on exposure through work experience can be so valuable in understanding how the industry works and what type of floristry work suits you the best. We can assist you in finding or completing your work experience with us at Pearsons Florist.

Through our Enrichment program we provide opportunities for industry networking, flower farm and market visits for supplier contacts and student exclusive design events. We are passionate about individual growth and supporting our students to find the path that they love.student exclusive design event

What are the career prospects for florists?

Floristry is a rewarding and diverse industry with a niche to suit everybody. Working with your own strengths and skills is what we advise our students to do and follow the path that best suits you. From spending your days engaging with customers, and building community in a retail flower shop to the organisational and design skills required for wedding and event work.

There are many opportunities for growth and innovation in this inspiring industry you can read our student stories to find out more. florist creating installation design

How long is your course?

Our most popular study option is nine months, where you study one day a week. We offer other flexible study programs where you can condense your study to six or three months. Here is more information on our flexible study options.

How much is the course?

The career course fees are $12,300. Your deposit is $1,500, which comes off your course fees. The remaining course fees are paid either in full or in instalments based on the length of your program.

What is it like to study with us?

Imagine spending your time with likeminded, motivated people who love what you love - 

  • YOU are what make us unique- we understand our learners, your aspirations, and goals and we are all about helping you achieve them.
  • We are a private training college with excellence at the heart of everything we do.
  • Our floral designs and teaching methods are on trend and our trainers are experts, current with industry standards. See our beautiful designs on our Instagram
  • All flowers are supplied and bought fresh by Bernard, Director of Pearsons Florist.
  • Our enrichment program offers unique opportunities to meet industry. leaders, be inspired and create networks.
  • Work experience opportunities.
  • Guided growers and market visits.
  • Belong to our floral community in our Facebook group, for students only.

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Whether you're considering a career change or just starting out, becoming a florist can be a fulfilling and creative profession. By gaining the necessary skills and knowledge, you can turn your passion for flowers into a successful career.

For more information on our Career Course, simply click here to provide your details and we will reach out to you!

Or contact our Sales and Enrolment team on or (02) 9550 7755