Passionately passing on flower knowledge around the world

We are passionate about floral education and empowering florists with the skills they need to be successful in today's industry.

We love sharing our knowledge, techniques and creativity and passing on our industry insights. None more so than when we have overseas visitors come to learn from us, to upskill and to share with us their own floral stories.

Recently we have had the pleasure of hosting private workshops with participants travelling far and wide to learn floristry in Sydney. We wanted to share with you what a fabulous time we had. 

Ted and Anna

Ted and Anna - @ted.and.anna

Husband and wife duo and floral entrepreneurs Ted and Anna travelled from Vietnam to learn contemporary floral design with us. We spent an inspiring day discussing and practicing concepts of contemporary design. 

Ted and Anna were also treated to an exclusive behind the scenes tour by our director Avi and taken on a tour of our Bondi store with Bernard, what a treat!

Altogether heading home with a wealth of ideas, not only in floral design skills but business insights to boot. 

Anna - "My one-day private workshop at Pearsons was extremely insightful and enjoyable. I had so much fun spending time with my knowledgeable trainer Lynne Dallas to experiment different base mediums for stabilisation while challenging myself on a quest to keep sustainable floristry in mind at the same time.

We also dissected one of the fundamental elements of contemporary floral design: sculptural composition. It gave me a better understanding of how important grouping is and how to apply that same principle into larger-scale installations.

I was super excited to venture on creating leafless arrangements, which was completely out of my comfort zone, and Lynne made it into such a fun and smooth experience.

Avi Pollak, CEO of Pearsons, also gave me a tour around the Design Center and their Retail Flower Shop in Bondi. The tour was a really nice value added to my one-day workshop, especially for people who also run a flower shop like me.

Once again, I would like to thank Lynne, Emelia, Avi, Bernard, and everyone else at Pearsons for the wonderful experience in such a short time that I was there. Highly recommended and I definitely will come back for more training courses in the future!"

Fleur Atti

Fleur Atti- @fleur_atti

Joining us from Korea were experienced florists Fleur Atti. Visiting Australia for an inspirational and educational experience, the girls from Fleur Atti joined us for a 1-day private workshop exploring arrangement shapes, styles and mechanics.

Lavi - 

I was so happy and it was a nice experience with a variety of fresh flowers I've never seen in Korea.

It was unforgettable for me to learn the style of Australian flowers. Thank you for giving me such a happy time.

In some of our designs we worked with local native flowers and foliages which were interesting to see as they are not available in Korea.

Design shapes and styling for photography were also explored and we had fun chatting. The language barrier being overcome by one of our design team staff at Pearsons who could interpret for us. The language of flowers, it became evident, is universal.

If there is something special that you would like to learn in a private workshop, contact Emelia in the office who can help tailor an experience to meet your floral education needs. or 9550 7755