Work Experience: Living the Flower Dream

 We often get asked at Pearsons School “What does it take to become a florist? 

On top of the foundations skills developed in the classroom, real life experiences are the best way to develop a student's understanding of the industry. 

Every Mother's Day florists reach out to us for willing helpers for their stores and wedding studios. Having been a part of the floristry industry now for over 50 years, Pearsons have great connections within the industry that we proudly share with our students.

This year was no exception. Our students were busy assisting florists all over Sydney preparing floral displays for much-loved Mum's and helping prepare flowers for Wedding and Events.

Opportunities are posted on PSF's Student Only Facebook group. Many of our graduates have their own Flower Shops and Wedding businesses, and this is a great forum to share opportunities or ask questions.

So what are the benefits of completing work experience?

  • build your network in the flower industry

  • leads to floristry jobs and freelance work

  • supports your learning in the classroom

  • builds your speed and confidence

  • it's so much FUN!

“We recognise that work experience creates a bridge between the classroom and living your dream as a florist.”

 – Barbara Pollak, Pearsons School Director



"I think the real-life work experience opportunities helped build my confidence to realise I CAN do this!"

- Jane Sheppard, PSF Graduate


Part of the Certificate III course involves students completing 5 days’ worth of work experience during their studies. This can be done across a variety of avenues in the industry, including our very own Pearsons stores.

 “I’m surprised at how much I’ve learnt from being hands on in the job!”

- Katie Smith, PSF student

The SFL30115 Certificate III program at Pearsons will give you the opportunity to work with other like-minded creatives in:

  • a beautiful flower shop
  • a workshop making bouquets & posies for floral gifts
  • a wedding floral studio
  • a specialist events & styling studio
    And much more!...

Whatever your end goal is in floristry, we’ll help get you there