Uniquely Australian, locally grown, and full of impact

Celebrating Australian Grown

We take a look our wonderful Australian natives and other floral goodness grown right here on home soil. Because they are just so bloody beautiful! 

There is no doubt that Australian native flowers and foliage’s are extremely special. They are utterly unique and so varied, form the tiniest of flowers to the most striking and bold forms. Natives are such a joy to work with and the design possibilities are limitless, from rugged and sculptural designs with just a few special stems or the prettiest of bridal bouquets. 

* Featuring Wattle, Banksia and Cymbidium Orchids

Designing for the season 

Winter heralds the onset of the best seasons for these Florist favorites. Many Natives flower through winter and early spring and give us so much joy when the days are cold.   

One thing that a Florist loves to work with is seasonality. The fact that a certain flower is not available all year round makes it even more special. Wattle in the winter in all its golden glory and the stunning waxy Waratah in the spring, are among many that florists love to design with. 

 * Featuring Waratah, Banksia, Wattle, Thryptomene 


You don’t have to be a native to be homegrown  

However, it’s not just our beautiful native flowers that we grow in Australia there is so much more locally grown floral produce to celebrate. This week in our workshop we have had the joy of designing with Tulips, Sweet Pea and Narcissi from Victoria, Cymbidium orchids from NSW, and gorgeous tropical leaves from Queensland. 

 Featuring Tulips, Ivy Berry, Geraldton Wax and Philodendron Leaves


Sourcing the best flowers from all around Australia 

At Pearsons School of Floristry we are so fortunate to benefit from the sourcing and buying knowledge and experience of Director Bernard and his team at Pearsons Florist. Over 50 years of cultivating very special relationships with growers from all over Australia means we are able to source locally grown goodness at all times of the year. 

Bernard on IGTV - he’s quite the star! 


 Bernard is an absolute vault of floral knowledge, and always has little gems of wisdom when he comes to visit us at the school or when students bump into him at the markets. And we just love watching him sharing his knowledge on IGTV as he takes a walkthrough of our design workshop and gives us the low down of the seasonal best.  

Check out Bernard’s most recent video on Pearsons Instagram TV