Working as a Freelance Florist – Specialising in Wedding and Events

Freelancing means you work as an independent company rather than be employed by someone else. You are your own boss and can work on both your own floral clients as well as helping other florists create wonderful wedding and event designs. 

Working as a Freelance Florist provides flexibility to manage your time, offers a creative outlet as well as make great floral friends. 

You will have an opportunity to learn from more experienced Florists. Seeing firsthand just what goes into the production and challenges of a large event, from working with huge quantities of flowers, to organisation and design skills, there is something different to see on every job. It can open your eyes to different styles of floral design and so many amazing experiences including being behind the scenes in some of Sydney’s finest Hotels and wedding venues.

How to find your first gigs as a Freelance Florist?

Our Certificate III Floristry students have many things in common but there is a standout trait that they all share – motivation! Whether the intention is to eventually run a business or work for someone else our students have come to us because they have clear goals and dreams for a life with flowers.
This question is a subject that often comes up in class, many of our Certificate III Floristry students would like to know how to get into this side of the industry and it can be a hot topic of conversation.

Gain experience

Work experience can be that foot in the door that leads to more work and Freelance opportunities.
Pearsons School of Floristry students can complete work experience with Pearsons Florist, which is a great introduction into the workings of a large-scale floristry operation. We also are proud to have forged many solid relationships with leaders in our industry over the years and often get contacted to offer students fabulous work experience opportunities.
The process is carefully managed by PSF (Pearsons School of Floristry) to ensure both workplace and student have a clear understanding of expectations, a process that works well for both Florist and Freelancer.  
Over the past 12 months our students have had the opportunity to work with some amazing florist including:

  • John Emmanuel Florist
  • Hilla Florist
  • Kashaya & Co
  • She Designs

Five things Wedding and Events Florists look for when choosing freelancers?

  1. Great floristry skills to interpret the lead florists’ vision for the event.
  2. Professionalism and reliability 
  3. Be Speedy. Bump in times are short so florist's look for freelancers that are quick as well as creative.
  4. Reflect the florist's brand in your appearance and presentation.  
  5. Be Fun to work with