Gaining valuable experience in floristry

You won't be surprised to hear that Valentine's Day is one of the busiest (and craziest) days on a florist's calendar. But what you may not know is that it's a fantastic opportunity for Pearsons Certificate III students to gain valuable experience in the florist industry.

The atmosphere at busy times is electric ... organised chaos in a sea of roses. 

It's all part of the Pearsons program. Students are required to complete a minimum of 5 days working in industry with most taking advantage of the wide range of opportunities organised through Pearsons.


Work Experience benefits both the student and the host florist.

The student gets to put into practice the skills and knowledge developed in the classroom and to build their network in the florist industry. Our students land jobs or freelance work from these networks, all of which started from volunteering for Work Experience. And of course the Florist benefits from an extra pair of highly enthusiastic hands. It's a win win!

This year the opportunities that for our students have been many and varied. Our students have helped both in busy Flower Shops and with high end Wedding Florists. We are thankful that our 50 years in the florist industry opens a range of opportunities for our students to connect with some of our industry's leaders.

Feedback from our wonderful students 

Thank you to @fabufalora for your kind words on Instagram. 

"Amazing work experience @pearsonsflorist for Valentine’s Day! 1.5 days including a 5am start this morning! Thank you @inmyvase Barbara Pollak for this opportunity. I loved experiencing first-hand the huge scale of the commercial side of this business, right alongside the beauty and artistry. Not sure the 4am alarm clock agrees with me (nana nap coming right up) but I loved every minute....
@pearsonsflorist is an absolute class act. 🥰"

And from Caryn M after completing Wedding Work Experience @hillaflorist

"It was an absolute dream. Hilla was warm and professional. There was no chaos. In all of my working careers both hospitality and modelling  I have never seen a large scale event run with such calm and fluidity. She made sure we had food, coffee and water which made my time feel appreciated too. 

Her team were all independent and didn’t want much assistance. We had lots of practice reflecting roses and her staff were really friendly and helpful. 

 I am so grateful and will remember that day forever."

 Matt M after completing work experience at Kashaya &Co

"Was absolutely amazing! We did a wedding at St marks then Catalina reception, was beautiful and so good to see how the team works. Loved every minute of it! They took our details for future work too which is exciting. Thanks so much for the opportunity"

Feedback from industry about our students

@hillaflorist "The girls were lovely and helpful :)!!! I think they enjoyed the experience ...."

@mandalayflowers " Very useful to have the girls for Valentines Day. Thanks again for making these girls available – it was a real help."

@shedesigns   "Yes the girls were fantastic and we were really happy. So, thank you so much!  We truly appreciate it!"

@georgeandsmee  "Thank you so much, Caryn was brilliant and so lovely.  It was great having her.  I'll absolutely get in touch in future.  We have lots coming up so i'll reach out to you when i know what we need!"