Botanicals By Aaliyah

We had the pleasure of welcoming one of our former students, Aaliyah, to an exclusive student-only enrichment evening. It was a wonderful opportunity for Aaliyah to discuss her experience during her intensive 3-month program with Pearsons and share her accomplishments since finishing the course in 2022.

How has life changed for you since completing the course?  

Since completing the course, I have been able to show more confidence in my work as I am able to work with a firm sense of floral knowledge. I am able to hold my head high and answer any question about floristry whilst still being eager to learn more and more everyday! There is always something new to learn and see, the resources are endless. 

Have you always wanted to work in Floristry, if not how did floristry come about for you?

I have definitely always loved flowers, I mean, who wouldn’t?! They're just so pretty!

I would always gift them and ‘attempt’ to make arrangements for my friends and families birthday. I loved doing this, just as I also loved receiving them! In 2021, Covid19 hit our city really badly, it was our second lockdown at this point. I was also in my last year of high school in this year completing my HSC. During lockdown, I was quite bored and was left to explore hobbies I enjoyed. One being, floristry. So I practiced and practiced, until I opened an Instagram page, ‘Botanicals by Aaliyah’. And then it all begun from then!

What was it about Pearsons School that made you want to study with us?

There are so many factors that persuaded me to study at Pearsons, however the two that stood out to me were definitely the variety of units offered and the extensive practical work.

What did you love about studying with Pearsons School?

Pearsons was so great! The teachers are warm and welcoming and extremely helpful. I remember how they would stand beside me until I finally managed to wire an orchid bloom haha! Attentive help is crucial in the beginnings of any new study and I feel like Pearsons really achieved that. The networking from Pearsons is amazing also! I still have my flower friends who I often see at the markets and on site!

Did you take on any work experience opportunities during your study at Pearsons, and if so what were they?

Yes I did! I took on 5 days of full time work experience at Urban Flower in Homebush. 

What projects/floristry work are you most excited about or would love to work on now that you’ve finished your course?

After completing my course, there were a number of projects and work opportunities I wanted to pursue. Two years out from the completion of my course, I have been able to make floristry my full time job, have my own studio and be apart of so many beautiful special events. Through this I have built strong friendships with more florists, growers, event vendors and families.

How have you found searching for and securing work in the industry?

In my opinion, with attracting work and securing work, you need to be able to show what you can do, even if you have never done a certain look before. What I used to do, to showcase my work, is offer my floral services for free to friends and family for their special events, create content and post, post, post! Yes, flowers are not cheap, but by doing this, you have references to go by and also gauge pricing, and which flowers work for you and which flowers don't! Giving yourself that experience in knowing how to handle and construct floral materials, you are able to educate and create trust with your client, which makes securing your jobs more certain!

Over time, you find your style. People will follow you for your work and people will refer to you, through this, your brand becomes you and your name, oh - and your flowers!

What kinds of things have you learnt about floristry since leaving the classroom and working in the industry?

The main thing that I learnt outside the course, is that the labour is definitely intense and receiving help is never a bad thing! I fell into that hole of overworking myself at the beginning of my career and I stopped that habit before it caught up to me! Thankfully, I have been blessed with amazing friends, family and freelancers who I am more than happy to accept help from. Not only is it beneficial to me, but they also are so happy to help.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get in to floristry?

Do it! Do it! Do it!

I genuinely think that it's definitely something you have to try at least once. It might not be for everyone, but I strongly believe there is at least one thing about it you can find to love. 


Instagram: @BotanicalsByAaliyah