From paddock to floral perfection!

Introducing Sophie, a Pearson alumni. Sophie enrolled in our 3-month Career Course earlier this year. Without delay, she signed up for our course within a week. Her ambition was to establish a micro-farm on her family's property, in Yarick, Victoria to explore her organic style and nurture a blossoming business.

We caught up with Sophie, to see how life is now she is a certified florist. 

How has life changed for you since completing the course?  

I moved to Sydney to complete the course over 3 months and coming home my life has just completely turned on its head, after completing the course I returned home and kicked off my very own floristry business, its been 6 months now and I am starting to book weddings I dreamed about last year. I am finding myself building my skills and embracing my creativity, I have goals and aspirations within my very own business which is such a dramatic change from this time last year.

Have you always wanted to work in Floristry, if not how did floristry come about for you?

It was the biggest and best coincidence in my life… a friend asked me to do some flowers for an engagement because “I was pretty creative” and after a few months I had three small weddings booked in and had registered interest for some floristry courses just pondering choices. I didn’t really do much about it until a few months later when I got a call from Pearsons asking if I was interested in a spot in their upcoming intake. By the end of that week I had paid my deposit and booked my flights to Sydney, it just felt right. I am so glad this path opened up for me!

What was it about Pearsons School that made you want to study with us?

The flexibility to fast track the course was a big pull for me, especially being a rural person it made it more accessible than any of the Melbourne courses, and the connections it would open up for me… I was right I have met and worked with some amazing people through Pearsons.

What did you love about studying the ‘SFL30115 Certificate III in Floristry’ with Pearsons School?

I loved ALL of my teachers as well as the people I studied with! I found each teacher to go above and beyond for us particularly Lauren, Deb and Duc. The connections I have made with other students was lovely as well and I look forward to heading back up to Sydney to catch up with my Pearsons friends.

Did you take on any work experience opportunities during your study at Pearsons, and if so what were they?

I did! I worked with a sustainable focused florist on weddings and flowers for events, this allowed me to broaden my skills immensely.

What projects/floristry work are you most excited about or would love to work on now that you’ve finished your course?

Weddings! I am all about weddings I fall in love with them every time I go to one! I would love to eventually do some editorial work as well eventually but it’s something I’m not prioritising right now. I have also recently discovered a love for retail particularly for mothers day, there is something special making blooms for people I admire and who have made such an impact on their children’s lives!

Describe your floral style

Romantic, fun… and focused on seasonality, I love working with unique colour palettes and my own blooms in particular.

How have you found searching for and securing work in the industry?

Its tough stepping out on your own for the first time and securing weddings but I am finding that slow and organic growth is the best way possible as it allows me to develop my skills constantly and build my way up to each wedding.

What kinds of things have you learned about floristry since leaving the classroom and working in the industry?

Where to begin, I have learnt so much about mechanics and sustainable initiatives within the industry, I have made so many mistakes with ordering blooms and learn something every time I visit the markets, I have learnt about bumping in and out at venues and how to interact with other vendors. Every wedding and design I create, I learn something new.

What advice would you give to an aspiring florist?

The best learning I have done to build my design skills is to buy flowers in a chosen colour palette and practice making with them, use Pinterest to find inspiration photos and work from there. You will find there comes a time where you no longer need the photo to create alongside and you can read the flowers and create your own designs… this is the sweet spot. Don’t stop here keep pushing yourself by creating custom colour palettes and using blooms in different ways. You need to learn the rules before you can break them (studying an accredited course like Pearsons Career Course, also helps with learning the rules massively)

Also try not to play favourites with the blooms at the start… I made this mistake and avoided natives and now it’s a big gap in my skills I will need to go back and fill.

Tell us something we didn't know about you and your floristry journey?

A big part of my floristry journey is focusing on earth loving mechanics and blooms. I have started a micro flower farm to compliment my floral choices and grow garden roses, hydrangea, dahlias, sweet pea and cosmos. I have worked really hard to grow my own blooms seasonally and this plays a big part on my style and story… everyone will have their own unique traits to their skills and business that will impact their story. Don’t shy away from these embrace them.


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