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Since graduating SFL30115 Certificate III from Pearsons School in 2015 Jasmine Christie has wasted no time in immersing herself in to the floristry industry. Last year saw Jasmine take on a once in a lifetime opportunity apprenticeship with US based florist Saipua. Now she is back in the country and is excited to share with us details of her new business – Anamundi. Here is her story:

Business Name: ANAMUNDI

Florist: Jasmine Christie


What initially attracted you to floristry?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about the arts. Whether it be illustration, painting, music or textiles, I am drawn to creating as a form of self expression. Floristry was another extension of this passion, this time the medium being flowers. For me, Floristry marries my love of nature with a passion for artistic forms, and in many ways I feel floristry is one of the most rewarding as the medium itself (the flowers) are inherently beautiful. Another artist far more creative than me has already “designed” them, and it is then my pleasure to curate them together.

You’ve had some amazing experiences around the world and throughout Australia involving your floristry work. What would be your highlights?

Last year I was fortunate enough to undertake a 3 month floral apprenticeship with Sarah Ryhanen at Saipua in New York. Saipua appeared at an unexpected time and was a dream come true. Living and working at the Saipua “castle”, assisting on everything from weddings to fashion shows, collaborative dinners and corporate events was a magical experience that offered me an invaluable opportunity for growth as both a florist and designer. During my apprenticeship I was able to watch the entire arc of floral design, from the growth and cultivation of beautiful flowers on their flower farm at Worlds End, to the full design and realisation of beautiful collaborations with other artists in varying mediums.

How did your business ‘Anamundi’ all begin?

Anamundi was born out of a desire to align my passion as a florist with my curiosity for all things nature and it’s broader impact on our current social environment. For me, as beautiful as flowers are, I found myself questioning the value of nature and culture and the way in which we can positively evolve through the skill-sharing of nature-based arts and artistic and cultural practice. “Anamundi” loosely translates to “The central axis in which all living things find alignment with nature, the soul and the universe” and for me, this is something I am endlessly curious about and is something I feel will continue to expand my curiosity for all things nature.

What did you love about studying the Certificate III course and why did you choose to study it with Pearsons School?

Studying at Pearsons allowed me to immerse myself in botany, evolving my love of flowers into a technical and proficient art form. I was attracted to the comprehensiveness and flexibility of the Pearsons training that allowed me to continue work Part-time while gaining experience in a new industry. I truly believe that you must master the rules before you can break them, and although I would describe my style today as distinctly my own, the Pearsons training allowed me to build a strong foundation of techniques and tools that have been invaluable in my confidence and creative journey as a florist.

How have you found working in the industry since completing your studies?

I have found the floral industry to be as colourful and eclectic as the flowers themselves. From retail floristry to large scale floral design and installation, I have come to discover there are many alternative ways to build your career as a florist. I have found the entire industry from the growers to the florists themselves, to be such an incredible collective of passionate and hard working individuals, the pool of cumulative knowledge is truly inspiring.

Why would you suggest floristry as a career for budding floral enthusiasts?

A career in floristry is a soul satisfying way to be able to work in and around nature, in a trade that is both artistic and versatile. Of course it is not without hard work, early starts or pressure, however if you are someone who is energized by nature it is a deeply satisfying pursuit and endlessly inspiring.

Who do you look to for inspiration in the industry?

With the prevalence of the social media revolution it is not hard to stay connected to the latest trends and designs from all over the world. Amongst the local industry, I have made close friendships with fellow flowerheads who continue to inspire me with their commitment to creativity through the constant pursuit of beauty and original ideas. On a broader scale, I am consistently inspired by the designers who find new and interesting ways to reinvent beauty through botanical forms. My current favourites include Studio Mondine and Wildfolk Studio, and closer to home I really admire the work of Hattie Molloy, Alice Rose Beasley, Tracey Deep and Jardine Hansen.

What’s next for yourself and your business?

Very exciting times! I have just moved to Mullumbimby in Northern New South Wales to launch my new studio, Anamundi. Anamundi will seek to function on two major platforms; It is first a floral studio specialising in flowers and styling for weddings, events and creative collaborations and secondly is a creative concept space dedicated to the cultivation of nature-based arts through workshops, skill-sharing events. The next chapter of this endeavour will focus on ways to build community and conversation surrounding the role of nature and culture within our rapidly changing global environment.

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