Casey White - Pearsons Florist

Casey White graduated from Pearsons School back in 2014 and has since worked for Pearsons Florist managing the bustling Bondi Junction store. Previously having worked in fast paced hospitality roles she fits right in to the busy world of floristry and always delivers 100% to her customers. Having a natural creative flair from an early age she has also recently started her own floral blog, Rebel Petal, where she is able to share her passion of floristry. Here is her story...

Company: Pearsons Florist

Florist: Casey White


What initially attracted you to floristry?

I just love flowers! I have had an interest and appreciation for nature for as long as I remember! I was also really drawn to the creativity of it.

What was your favourite thing about studying the Cert III course with Pearsons School?

Oh my gosh, everything! I loved going to class every Wednesday and just being immersed in the world of flowers! It was both fun and challenging. I really enjoyed how practical the classes were. Constantly being hands-on and just being able to make something! I also enjoyed learning and working through the processes behind the designs. The trainers made the course as well. They are really supportive, encouraging and understanding as well as passionate and inspiring.

What has been a career highlight for you so far?

I was so fortunate to be given the opportunity to begin working for Pearsons not long after I finished my studies. I was so fresh out of the course and I knew I had a long way to go and a lot to prove. I started working in our Bondi Junction store and after about a year, the opportunity of stepping up to store manager came my way! It was a huge challenge ahead of me and I wasn’t sure I was ready! I’m still managing the store 3 years later and I absolutely love it. 

How would your Pearsons co-workers describe you in three words?

Motivated, team-player, focused. 

What is your flower crush?

Yikes! There isn’t just one! My absolute fave rose is “Pink Floyd”. I love hot pink! And I really love spring time blooms- jonquils, sweet pea, lilac, tulips, poppies and daphne. 

To our budding florists and floral enthusiasts, do you have any great care tips you’ve picked up?

Anything with a woody stem tends to struggle to drink! Cut the stems every day and refresh the water! Don’t strip off all the leaves from Lavender- this is where they hold their fragrance! We often kill our plants with kindness! Over-watering is the main reason why our plants often die on us! 

Where do you look for inspiration?

Instagram for sure. But also just my every day surroundings. Everything around is art and you can find beauty and ideas everywhere! 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into floristry?

Go for it! Live it and breathe it. Get to the markets. It’s not as glamorous or easy as it may look! Be prepared to get dirty and work harder than you ever have before! Grab every opportunity that you can and learn from as many different people in the industry as you can!

What’s next for Casey?

I’m so happy and loving doing what I’m currently doing! I just want to keep learning as much as I can about anything and everything to do with flowers and the industry.

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Blog post: Rebel Petal