Director & CEO

Bernard & Avi Pollak

In 1969, Clare and Fred Pollak bought a small flower shop in Bondi Junction and soon transformed it into a flourishing floral business with key locations across Sydney. Fifty years later, their son Bernard and grandson Avi carry on their proud heritage and run Pearsons Florist and Pearsons School of Floristry.

Director Bernard has been going to the markets since he was a teenager and plays a key role in flower buying across both businesses. You will meet Bernard at the Sydney Flower Markets where he will share his wealth of local floral knowledge. CEO Avi looks after all aspects of the business of Floristry, he is an innovator and motivator.

Both Bernard and Avi are keen flower lovers and will play a key role in your floral journey, sharing their knowledge and ensuring Pearsons School remains current and relevant within the industry.


Your Support Team

Vicky Carr & Emelia Bristow

Emelia is our Sales & Enrolment Officer - you will meet Emelia as you embark on your journey to be a florist. As an experienced florist she is uniquely positioned to guide you through the initial process of enrolling in our course.

Once you have joined our course, our Student Support Officer, Vicky, will be your point of contact in the office. She will be there for you every step of the way. Vicky has a background in Immunology but has chosen to work with a creative team that loves flowers. Her job at Pearsons allows her to be surrounded by creative individuals every day and is able to immerse herself in such a beautiful industry.

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Meet our Floral Educators

Debra Van Breda grew up surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with flowers. This was the inspiration that lead her to a career in floristry. Over 20 years in the industry she has worked in florists based in Sydney's CBD and suburbs. As a trainer Debra shares her wealth of knowledge of the local flower industry and her LOVE of flowers.

Duc Thuan Bui is the newest member of our floral education team. He is passionate about floral design and views flowers as art! Duc is a senior florist in Pearsons Design Centre and specialises in Corporate and Event floristry. Duc views teaching as a way to inspire new designers to explore their own unique creativity.

Lauren Bridle has studied with some of the top Master Florists both here and overseas. She brings a unique perspective to PSF as she has worked in almost every aspect of the industry and has owned and managed two award winning retail floral businesses. Lauren has a particular passion for wedding and event florals, a belief that designs should be dictated by the seasons and loves sharing her knowledge with newcomers to the industry.

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A visit to Sydney Flower Farms

Enrich your experience

Our students get the chance to visit the Markets, Growers, Farms and other industry relevant businesses to enhance their floral journey....