Sweet, sweet pea .... the butterfly of the floral world

Just like a parent, a florist shouldn’t have favourites. One you love just that little bit more than the others. But bring a bunch of Sweet peas into our workshop ..... and you can guarantee the topic of conversation will quickly turn to them and why they are so loved.

A firm favourite amongst florists and flower lovers alike, Sweet pea are revered for their delicate perfume, soft silky petals that resemble folded butterflies, and of course their dainty form.

Their heavenly scent evoking memories of grandma's garden , a special bouquet or the sentiment and precious memories wrapped up in a simple bunch.

Sweet pea: Lathyrus odoratus

Availability:  Locally grown from Winter to Spring
How long will they last?   5-7 days. (Change the water every 2 days)
Stem length:  20-40 cm
Colours:  White, cream, lemon, pink, deep purple, burgundy, lilac, fuchsia, lemon.
Fragrance:  DIVINE

Sweet pea in floral design:

For Home decorating:  Keep it simple by massing two to three bunches together in a vase.
For floral gifts:  Perfect for posies and garden style designs
For Weddings:  Their short stems lend themselves to beautiful wedding posies although they are very delicate to handle.
For large scale design:  If the budget allows, masses and masses of sweet pea could grace a beautiful floral arbour or stairway like colourful, fragrant clouds of petals


So why are they our CEO Barbara’s favourite?

Barbara (me) is a second gen florist, taught the trade by her parents Fred and Clare (Mr and Mrs P). Every year Mr P would bring Mrs P the first bunch of Sweet pea he spotted at the flower markets.  Every year for nearly 40 years! 

This symbolises more that anything the power of flowers. Flowers are so much more than a fleeting pleasure. Flowers offer lasting memories.

So if you are looking for the perfect lock down lift, sweet pea will surely be top pick.

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