What we don't know about flowers!

What we do know about flowers we want to share!

As a part of our exclusive Enrichment program we provide students with many opportunities to immerse themselves in the floristry world and network with the industry. None more so than our guided Sydney Flower Market tours. An invaluable opportunity to be introduced to how the market works and most importantly start to build relationships with suppliers.

Sydney flower marketStudents on a guided tour of Sydney markets

We are incredibly proud of our heritage in the floristry industry. Being the training arm of Pearsons Florists, who have been in business for over 50 years and the School for over 20 years,  we've learnt a thing or two about flowers!

And in particular,  about buying and sourcing high quality flowers.

Helping our students learn and understand about sourcing and buying flowers, about making industry connections and building relationships with growers is so important to us. As are our own relationships with our suppliers.Sydney flower marketStudents with Bernard at the Market

We are grateful for the skills and knowledge of our expert buying team, headed up by flower buying expert and company director Bernard Pollak.

Bernard has been buying flowers at Sydney Markets almost everyday of his life since he first started going with his dad (Mr P!) over 50 years ago, and is always ready with the stories and the smiles when we bring students on a guided market tour.

Sydney flower market

At the school we plan the floral recipes for each design we teach. With seasonality and best blooms in mind. So that our students get to work with an take home a wide variety of floral materials.

Sydney flower market

The foundation of being a professional florist is truly understanding the product you work with. A broad knowledge of a broad range of flower and plants is necessary.

Sydney flower market

This not only makes designing and buying easier,  moreover, understanding seasonality and provenance is all part of working in a more sustainable way, which is becoming increasingly important. We encourage our students to attend the flower market as often as they can. Sydney flower market tourSydney flower market tourSo, if you want to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of flowers and spend your day surrounded by beauty, maybe a life as a florist is for you!

Are you ready to start on your floral journey? 

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