For enrolments from April 15, 2022

How much does the course cost?

    The SFL30115 Certificate III in Floristry course costs $11,000. 

    You pay a $1500 non-refundable deposit, with the balance paid in monthly instalments over the duration of your program (3,6 or 9 months).

    Fees are automatically deducted from your nominated bank account on the 1st day of each month.

    Study program 

    Monthly Instalment 

    (Early Bird) 

    Monthly Instalment 


    Deposit (non-refundable) at enrolment - $1,500 

    3-month program  

    $3,000 prior to starting 

    $3,000 prior to starting 

    $3.500 final instalment 

    6-Month Program  

    $1,500 for 6 months 


    $1,500  for 5 months 

    $2,000 final instalment 

    9-month program 

    $1,000 for 9 Months 

    $1,000 for 8 months 

    $1,500 final instalment 


    • Your first instalment is due prior to the commencement of your studies.  
      For example: If you begin your course on the 12th of September, your first instalment is due on the 1st of September. 
    • It is up to the student to ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover these charges. If funds are not available an administration fee of $50 is payable.  
    • Discount -  any discounts or exclusive offers that reduce your fees are deducted from the FINAL PAYMENT. 
    • Before you can be enrolled in this course, PSF must receive your Direct Debit Mandate (if applicable) and your completed Enrolment Form.  
    What happens if you cannot meet your next INSTALMENT PAYMENT? 
    • It is up to the student to sure that sufficient funds for the due date.
    • A student cannot continue to attend classes if that month’s instalment has been declined.  
    • You may be able to defer your program, recommencing if payments are up to date. 
    • You may need to repeat classes – fees for additional flowers may apply. 
    • Please note that return to the classroom will be subject to availability.  

    If you have any issue regarding payment, please contact our Accounts Department (02) 9550 7711 prior to the due date.  

    What do my fees include:

    • All training (classroom and online), workbooks and support program
    • The flowers and materials required to complete all Certificate III designs

     What is NOT included in my fees:

    • There are 3 assignments that require you to purchase your flowers. This fee is not included in your student fee. We recommend to budget $50- $80 per assignment, $200 in total. These assignments occur at the end of end of the ‘Hand Tied’, ‘Base Medium’, and ‘Wrap it up’ clusters. 
    • Replacement of lost sundry items and workbooks
    • If you miss a class or want to repeat a class, you can subject to availability. There will be a $65 material/admin fee.
    • Private tuition
    • Flowers and materials for optional self-paced tutorial.

    Entry Requirements

      The Entry Requirements for this qualification are: 

      • Students must be over 18 years of age to enrol.  
      • Students must have the skills required to complete Certificate III (See item 12 for Skills required to complete this course). 
      • You must be entitled to study in Australia (Australian or NZ citizen, permanent resident or hold an existing visa that entitles you to study in Australia).  


      There are no warrantees expressed or implied relating to the contents or results of attending a Pearsons Floristry course. Pearsons does not guarantee the participants will find employment upon course completion. 

      Duration of the course 

      Most students complete their classroom program over nine months. However PSF can tailor the program so you can either fast-track the course or extend it. Your enrolment is valid for a total of two years. 

       Your timetable for the course includes the following: 

      • Remote Induction Program: 2 days working from home under the Guidance of our Trainer (Compulsory). 
      • 31 classroom days: normally scheduled one day per week over 9 months unless fast tracking. 
      • 5 days floristry work experience.
      • 2-3 hours per week self-paced study time including assignments. 
      • There are 2 x two-day workshops throughout the course. The first two day will be held remotely where you will work from home under the guidance of our trainer. 

      It is strongly recommended that students practice their floristry designs in their own time. This will enhance the learning experience and increase the ability of the students. 

      Awarding of the Qualification 

      Students who complete the whole classroom component of the course, assignments, assessments, and the work experience program, and have been assessed as competent in all relevant units of competency will receive the nationally accredited SFL30115 Certificate III in Floristry.  

      Students who complete and have been assessed as competent in one or more units of the course, but not all units, will be issued with a nationally accredited Statement of Attainment in partial completion of SFL30115 Certificate III in Floristry. 

      Missing a class: 

      We recommend that you attend all classes as scheduled. Variations to a student’s timetable are limited and subject to availability. However, if this is not possible your options are:  

      a. Planned Absences: If ten (10) business days’ written notice is provided, the student MAY be able to attend the same class at another day/month at no charge, subject to availability. A place in another class is NOT GURARANTEED but is dependent on schedules and student numbers. Contact PSF Student Support for assistance with this. 

      Alternatively, you may in some circumstances book on to a SELF-PACED TUTORIAL or PRIVATE TUITION (see Conditions 9 and 10).  

      PLEASE NOTE:  It is essential to your learning that you attend Week 1 of your Wiring Cluster. If you cannot attend, we recommend you attend a make-up class (if there are any available) or to book on to a PRIVATE TUITION (fees apply – minimum of $225 plus materials – see condition 10). 

      b. Unplanned Absences: If less than 10 business days’ written notice is given, you MAY be able to attend the same class on another day/month subject to availability. The following fees will be charged to cover MATERIALS and ADMINISTRATION $65. 

      A place in another class is NOT GUARANTEED but is dependent on schedules and student numbers.  

      Please note:  As we are dealing with fresh materials and in order to be fair to all students, these terms and conditions must be strictly adhered to. If you do not attend class your flowers will be shared with other students. 


      8. Missing or Re-sitting Assessments 

      To be awarded Certificate III you will need to be deemed COMPETENT in all the units of competency that make up Certificate III. If you sit an Assessment and are deemed ‘Not yet satisfactory’ or you miss an assessment due to absence for any reason, you will be given another opportunity to sit an assessment (maximum of 3 attempts) as follows: 

      •  In the Adjustment time on the day of the Assessment 
      • Attend a class where this assessment is scheduled (see “Missing a class” condition 7) 
      • Attend a self-paced tutorial (see “Self-paced tutorial” condition 9) 
      • Request Private Tuition (at a fee). See “Private tuition” condition 10. 

      What happens if you attempt an Assessment 3 times but are still “Not yet satisfactory”?  You will be required to repeat the whole or part of the cluster and full fees for that Cluster will be charged.   


       9. Self-paced Tutorial Support 

      All Certificate III students can attend four (4) x 3 hour self-paced tutorials sessions throughout their course.  

      The aim of these sessions is to allow a student to practice their practical floristry skills, sit or re-sit an assessment or meet with a trainer/assessor out of their normal class hours. Each tutorial is three (3) hours long. 

      1. All Students must provide their own materials. Basic sundry items will be available. 
      2. Students will need to source their materials independently. 
      3. You MUST ENROL via email, stating what you plan to do. Simply email  or send a message via the student portal. 
      4. These sessions are NOT CLASSROOM LEARNING, but self-paced. Trainers will have a number of students in any session with a variety of needs. They are not able to devote themselves to just one topic. Students who are there for an assessment will have priority. 
      5. Trainers will only review items that are part of the Certificate III curriculum. 

      Bookings to sessions are subject to availability. 

      If you wish to attend an extra Self-paced Tutorial, the fee is $65. These extra sessions are only offered if places are available. 


      10. Private tuition 

       If at any time you require one-on-one training you can book a session of Private Tuition. Here, a trainer is available to help you with your specific programme needs.  

      • cost $75 per hour, plus cost of flowers/materials and runs for a minimum of 3 hours 
      • It is a one-on-one session with a trainer 
      • AIM: to teach designs from the Certificate III curriculum ONLY 
      • Recommended if you miss WEEK 1 of WIRING 

      11. Re-sitting classes 

      You may choose to re-sit a class that you have already completed so you can receive the training in a particular design again. This is subject to space availability in that class. This option is available throughout your 2 year enrolment. The fee structure is as follows: 

      • If you are currently completing clusters, the fee is $65. 
      • If you have completed the cluster, have been deemed “competent” in the cluster, and you are still within your 2 years enrolment period, the fee is $100. 

      To discuss your options contact: 


      12. Skills required to complete Certificate III and work in a flower shop. 

       If you are over 18 you can enrol in this course.  However, to be able to complete all learning and assessments and work effectively in the flower industry you will need: 

      •  LANGUAGE SKILLS:  A sound command of written and oral English (Year 10 equivalent) for effective communication both during your course and in the workplace. For example, providing customer service in a flower shop, understanding client’s needs, and quoting for wedding flowers and other events.  
      • NUMERACY:  Year 10 or equivalent numeracy skills so you are able to calculate the value of flowers to be used in a bouquet, prepare a quotation for a client, and manage all retail transactions.        
      • PHYSICAL SKILLS:  Studying and working as a florist requires strength, mobility, fine and gross motor skills. Your work day is likely to include unpacking flowers, lifting buckets, flower care and handling, maintaining the store display and standing for prolonged periods. It will also include making floral arrangements which requires fine motor skills.  
      • TECHNOLOGY:   Studying and working in Floristry require basic computer skills. PSF provide students with access to our STUDENT PORTAL.  Here you can find your study schedule, download, and upload assignments and communicate with trainers.  PSF may also communicate with students via email or social media. Most florists utilise technology to communicate with their clients and in-store with electronic point of sale. 


      Access to technology 

       To complete this course you will need regular access to: 

      • a computer to access, complete and upload assignments
      • an email account 
      • the internet  
      • a smart phone
      • A FACEBOOK account so you can join the Pearsons School Of Floristry Student Group (recommended but not compulsory). 
      • a printer
      14. REASONABLE ADJUSTMENT for Special Learning Needs or Physical Impairments 


      At Pearsons School of Floristry, we endeavour to support students with Special Learning Needs. Any special learning needs or medical conditions/physical impairments must be disclosed to PSF prior to your enrolment so an assessment can be made as to whether any reasonable adjustments need to be made to your study program.  

      A meeting will be organised with the student and the school to determine the best way to respond to specific learning needs, and to discuss the suitability of the course for you. This might involve Private Tuition, taking a class more than one time, reading material prior to attending a class or having a support person present in the classroom. These arrangements will be put in place on an individual basis and might incur extra cost to the student. Our aim is to provide a supportive learning environment for all students. 

      Once you have commenced your program, if it is identified that you require additional support, PSF will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss your options. Additional fees may apply to cover this support. 

      Enrolment on to the course does not automatically guarantee that a student will have the skills to complete all elements of the course. 

      15. Returning documentation for Enrolment 

       Once you have paid your Administration Fee, you will receive an Enrolment Form by post or email and if you are paying via our instalment plan, you will also receive a direct debit mandate. It is essential that you return these important documents as soon as possible. YOU WILL NOT BE ENROLLED ONTO THE COURSE UNTIL THIS DOCUMENTATION IS RETURNED TO US. You can return a scanned copy of the documents by email or post them back to us. 

      PLEASE NOTE that NO Certificate or Statement of Attainment will be issued if the enrolment documents are NOT fully completed and received by PSF. 

      16. Unique Student Identifier (USI) 

       All students enrolling onto an accredited qualification will need to supply a UNIQUE STUDENT IDENTIFIER. This must be supplied to PSF prior to enrolment, and will be verified by PSF.  

       Get a USI              The PSF USI Policy


      17. Changes to your study program  

       Students are entitled to change their study program. A minimum of 10 business days’ notice IN WRITING is required to facilitate this and acceptance of change will be SUBJECT TO CLASS NUMBERS and AVAILABILITY. There is NO GUARANTEE of availability.

      Note: Government mandates may also impact your study program if there is a community wide lockdown. 

      18. Course Delivery Changes 

      Occasionally it may be necessary to cancel classes or transfer students between sites. If PSF changes a course prior to course commencement and a mutually suitable time cannot be found for you, a full refund will be provided, including any deposits. If a class is amalgamated during your course and no mutually suitable time can be found for you, you will be refunded based on the standard refund policy, depending on how you paid, with no admin fee charged. 

      19. Administration Costs 

      There are additional costs to re-print and reprocess documentation that you should be aware of. 

      • Re-print of SFL30115 Certificate III in Floristry - which includes certificate and statement of attainment) $30.00 
      • declined credit card payment cost $50.00 
      • If you are paying your fees by monthly instalments and you do not have sufficient funds in your nominated account at the time of withdrawal, you will incur a $50 late fee. 
      • Any overdue payments made as a direct deposit will incur a $50 late fee.
      20. Student Benefits 


      As a student at Pearsons School of Floristry, you are entitled to special discount on our short courses: 




      Discount Available: 




      Currently enrolled in SFL30115 Certificate III in Floristry 


      All ‘Courses for Fun’ beginner and intermediate classes. Not available on Master classes. 





      Past Certificate III student of PSF 


      All ‘Courses for Fun’ beginner and intermediate classes. Not available on Master classes. 





      Please note: 

      • Discounts only available on upfront payment of course 
      • The above discounts cannot be used with any other offer 

        21. Assignments and Homework 

        There are a number of assignments that need to be completed throughout the course.  Their aim is to consolidate and enhance your learning experience.  It is important that you complete them promptly and by the due date.  These assignments form part of the formal assessment of your skills and knowledge. 

        Your TRAINING and ASSESSMENT PLAN for SFL30115 will be available on the STUDENT PORTAL. 

        To complete the assignments, you will need access to a COMPUTER, printer, software applications like Microsoft word, a camera, and the INTERNET. 

        You will be asked to complete floristry tasks at home, with an average of 2-3 hours per week required. 


        22. Appeals Process 

        If you do not agree with the outcome of an assessment, here is the process to follow: 

        1. Talk directly with the assessor concerned to resolve the problem. If the matter is not resolved 
        2. Contact the Course Manager.  If the matter is not resolved 
        3. Contact the Director. 
        4. If the grievance is still unresolved, the student will be advised of external organisations of appeal 

        PSF Complaints and Appeals Policy 

         23. Student Code of Conduct 


        The PSF Code of Conduct is published on the Student Portal.   This covers, but is not limited to: 


        Use of Mobile Phones  

        Drugs and Alcohol Policy 


        Social Media 

        General Misconduct 

        Academic Misconduct 


        24. Work Experience 

        A minimum of 38 hours of relevant industry work experience is compulsory to complete the Certificate III. This can be done at Pearsons Florist or another Florist business. It’s up to the student to arrange their own work experience.  

        25. Work experience at other Florist Businesses – PSF DISCLAIMER 

         PSF encourage students to gain experience in the Florist Industry. To facilitate this we allow florist businesses to advertise unpaid Work Experience Opportunities through our Closed Facebook Group.  

         PSF are not responsible for Work Health and Safety (WHS) at a third-party workplace. Remember that you are not an employee of that company, and you will not be covered by their Workers Compensation Insurance. It is possible for you to take out your own personal insurance while you complete the Work Experience. We recommend you discuss this with an Insurance Broker or contact these Work Experience Insurers Directly.  

        26. Photography and student statements:  

        Throughout the course, Pearsons will take photos and videos of your work and collect written statements from students. These photographs, videos and statements might be used for promotional material and be posted on the Pearsons School of Floristry website and other social media websites or used in our marketing campaigns. 

        You can withdraw your permission by ticking the appropriate section in the Enrolment Form. By not ticking this box, you are giving your permission for Pearsons School of Floristry to use such material. 

        Students may take pictures of their own work in progress during class but may not take videos or photos of trainers or other students without prior permission. 

        27. Student only Facebook group - Pearsons School Of Floristry CLOSED GROUP 

        PSF moderate a closed student only group on FACEBOOK. Our goal is to create a positive space for students to showcase their work and ask questions. We encourage you to check the group regularly, share your stories and ask questions. This is the forum PSF uses to advertise work experience opportunities and other industry events.  

        28. Written notification of changes: 

        Pearsons School of Floristry is required by law to keep comprehensive student records. Any changes to a student’s enrolment and study program must be received by the School in writing. This includes any change of information, such as requests to defer, notification of absence, a request for a makeup class or tutorial, change of course day, course withdrawal, change to contact details.  

         Any changes to your INSTALLMENT plan such as your Bank or Credit Card details must be communicated to our accounts team prior to your next instalment to avoid any penalties.  

        Please contact: 

        If PSF change their ownership structure or engage a 3rd party to undertake part of the program on our behalf you will be notified via email. 

        29. Complaints and Appeals 

        A student may have a complaint regarding Pearsons, our trainers, or another learner.   If a student has a complaint, they should report it to a staff member of the school, and it will be dealt with promptly and confidentially. Our goal is to respond to all complaints within 10 working days. 

        The first point of contact should be the trainer.  The trainer is usually the best person to talk to. However, if the complaint refers to the trainer, you need to contact the Student Support at the school office. If the complaint is not resolved, it is then escalated to our DIRECTOR, Barbara Pollak. 

        In the rare case that the complaint is not resolved in discussion between the Student and PSF, you can request INDEPENDENT MEDIATION.  There will be costs incurred by the student to cover your own costs in the case of THIRD PARTY MEDIATION. 

        If you have a complaint about Pearsons School of Floristry, you can contact our registering body, ASQA. 

         PSF Complaints and Appeals Policy

        30. Anti-Discrimination Policy and Occupational Health and Safety Policy:  

         The Anti-Discrimination and WH&S policies must be strictly adhered to as set forth by Australian law. 



        31. Data collection and reporting  

         PSF is a National VET Regulator Registered Training Organisation (NVR RTO). As such, PSF must collect and report AVETMISS data as part of its registration requirements to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER).  

        AVETMISS data covers students and their enrolments: who they are, where they study, what they study and the outcome. NCVER complies with both the Privacy Act in respect of personal information and a set of data sharing protocols in respect of national VET data. 


        32. Records keeping 

        The NVR registered training organisation must retain client records of attainment of units of competency and qualifications for a period of 30 years.  For a re-issuance of Certificates or Statements of ATTAINMENT please email PSF Student Support.  

        33. Privacy 

         Pearsons School of Floristry comply with the obligations of the Privacy Act of 1988. PSF Privacy Policy  

        34. Transition of the National Training Package In Floristry 

        Every few years the nationally accredited training package for floristry is reviewed and updated by SERVICE SKILLS AUSTRALIA to ensure it remains current with industry standards. Our policy at Pearsons is to ensure that when a new training package is released we will update our programs to ensure that new students receive the most current qualifications. The transition period is 12 months. 

        If you defer your course and a new training package is released you may be required to sit additional classes and assessments to ensure you receive the current qualification. This MAY incur an additional fee. 

        35.  Notification of Significant Changes to the PSF as an RTO 

        PSF will report significant changes in its control, management or operations to Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and other relevant regulatory agencies. This covers changes in ownership, CEO, our Financial Viability and any critical incidents.


        36. PSF Deferring, Withdrawal and Refund Policy  

         PSF Deferring, Withdrawal and Refund Policy 

        This policy applies to students that have enrolled in the Pearsons flexible SFL30115 CERTIFICATE III in Floristry program.  A separate policy applies to students enrolled under Smart and Skilled.  

        Deferring your course 

        If you need to defer or delay your studies:  

        1. Please inform the student support officer in writing at least 10 business days’ prior to the commencement of your next cluster. 
        2. PSF will contact you to discuss your plans and a possible plan of action for your return. 
        3. On returning to the course, we will discuss the currency of your skills and design the most suitable learning program. 
        4. If the floristry training package is updated (see item 34) during your deferment you may need to complete additional classes or assessments to receive the current qualification. This MAY incur an additional fee.  
        5. We cannot guarantee that a space will be available in your preferred day of study. 
        6. You must finish your studies within the two year period. 


        What happens to your fees? 

         If the course has been PREPAID 

        • You have two years to complete all clusters so to re-join the course simply contact us to discuss your study program. There will be no additional fees unless you repeat classes, undertake Private tuition session, or you need to transition to a new training package. 
        •  If no refund has been issued, and you would like to complete the course over a longer period of time, additional fees may apply subject to the current course costs at that time. Note: you may be required to repeat some elements of the course if your skills are no longer current or the course structure changes. There will be fees incurred with this. 

         If you are paying by INSTALMENTS 

        •  If you have paid all your instalments, the conditions for PREPAID will apply. (See above) 
        • If you need to defer, you can put your instalments “ON HOLD” and restart your payment schedule when you restart your study. However, fees will be re-calculated to the current costing when you restart.  

        Recommencing your studies 

        The process of recommencing your studies: 

        • Contact Student Support to discuss your study options 
        • When there is a suitable place available, you can re-commence your program.  
        • PSF will discuss your progression through the course and the best way to return to your studies. 

         What is the best Learning Experience for you?  

        If you have DEFERRED at the end of one cluster (for example, you have successfully completed Hand tied but would like to defer Wiring and Base Medium) you can recommence your program where you left off. 

        However if you have deferred MID-CLUSTER, and had a considerable break from any floristry, it may be best for you to repeat some classes so you feel confident to continue the course.  This may be the best learning experience for you.  You will only be charged the FLOWER FEE for classes you repeat.  

        Course Abandonment  

        It will be deemed that you have elected to ABANDON the course if: 

        • You do not attend your scheduled classes for three consecutive weeks without notice 
        • You do not respond to correspondence with the school regarding your studies within four weeks 
        • You do not complete your assignments or classroom assessments within the two year period 

        What happens if you are deemed to have abandoned the course? 

        We will defer your study program until you contact us or your 2-year study period has expired. After the two-year period you will automatically be withdrawn from the course. 

         Withdrawing from the course. 

         You may choose to withdraw from the course at any time.  Please provide written notice of your Withdrawal.   

        Within 30 days of your written notice of withdrawal, PSF will provide you with a STATEMENT of ATTAINMENT for the Units you have successfully completed and been assessed as Competent. 

        You may or may not be due for a REFUND of your fees. 

        36. REFUND POLICY: Terms and Conditions of a Refund  

        The $1,500 Administration Fee paid is NON-REFUNDABLE or transferable. 

        The $1,500 Administration Fee is STRICTLY non-refundable. If you have paid your Administration Fee then decide not to commence the course, there is no refund. 

        Refunds after the Course Commencement 

         The refund policy is based on our FULL PRICING for each CLUSTER.   

         Refunds will only be issued for clusters NOT COMMENCED. If the required WRTTEN notice is not received 10 business days’ before you start a cluster or you have attended even one day of that cluster, you will receive NO REFUND for that cluster.  

        How much refund will I receive? 

        The amount depends on: 

        1. The amount you have paid (including any discounts received).  
        2. the number of clusters you have enrolled in. 
        3. And the WRITTEN notice of WITHDRAWAL from the Course.
         When you book and pay for the whole course you are in effect receiving a discount on individual cluster price of around 30%. Your refund will be based on the FULL PRICE OF A CLUSTER (see table below)

        Once you have attended a number of clusters there is No Refund as the individual clusters cost will exceed the amount paid. (See below).  There is no refund for the Enrichment Program. 

        To receive a refund for a cluster you MUST provide a minimum of 10 business days’ WRITTEN notice prior to a cluster commencing.  No refund will be given after this time, regardless of your circumstances. 



        Cluster Name 



        Cluster Fee 

        Flower Care 





        The Flower Shop 



        Practical – Hand tied 



        Practical – Wiring 



        Practical – Base Medium 



        Wrap it Up workshop 




                 No refund will be given to those on individual clusters.  

        Example One: Fees paid Upfront  


        Student has paid $10,000 in full prior to commencing their studies with an Early Bird Discount and no other discount.   

        They have started or completed the following clusters: Flower Care, Design, Hand tied and Flower Shop. 

        Ten business days’ written notice is given before commencing Base Medium, Wiring or Wrap It Up. 


        See calculations as per following: 



        Fees paid up to date – Upfront EB discount 


        Less  Clusters started or completed 

        (FC $270, DES $270, HT $3,170 & FS $540) 



        Less withdrawal fees 


        Net Refund 




        Example Two: Fees paid in instalments 

        Student’s course fees with Early Bird Discount is $10,500 and no other discount.  The student has paid      $4,500 to date by instalments.   

        Student has either started or completed clusters: Flower Care, Design, Hand tied and Flower Shop. 

        Ten business days’ written notice is given before commencing Base Medium, Wiring or Wrap It Up. 


        See refund calculations as per following:     



        Fees paid up to date – Instalments 



        Less Clusters started or completed 

        (FC $270, DES $270, HT $3,020 & FS $540) 



        Less withdrawal fees 


        Net Refund 




        Pearsons School of Floristry reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions for Enrolment in SFL30115 Certificate III in Floristry at any time. 



        Policies that relate to your enrolment  

        PSF publish the policies that relate to your enrolment on our website:  


        1. Links to Pearsons Published Policies 

        PSF Privacy Policy 

        PSF Access and Equity Policy 

        PSF Complaints and Appeals Policy 

        PSF USI Policy 

        PSF RPL and Credit Transfer Policy 

        PSF Consumer Protection Policy 

        PSF Tuition Assurance 


        Student Policies and Procedures 

        SFL30115 Study Program: Flexible Program  

        PSF Deferring, Withdrawal and Refund Policy: Flexible Program 

        Pearsons School of Floristry reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions for Enrolment in SFL30115 Certificate III in Floristry at any time.